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Henry Solomon & Logan Kane of Outside World perform at Gré Closing Time concert in August 2020.

Gré Closing Time Virtual Concert with Henry Solomon & Logan Kane.

Photography by Kelly Segré

Henry Solomon, a talented sax player with a bleached blonde fro and very cool pants is a musician originally from the bay area in Northern California, who studied all things music and composition at USC’s Thornton School of Music. Growing up in a very musical and artistic environment, Henry went to an arts high school and learned to play piano when he was just six years old, an activity encouraged by his mother who is also a musician. Although he loves to play sax, he claims that he now enjoys writing more, saying “I guess it took me a while to realize that the music I loved listening to was music I could be trying to make, rather than be something separate from what my musical life was. I had this idea that if it didn’t have saxophone or something then I couldn’t be a part of it. But lately I’ve been able to start breaking that down and be way more free with music making and not rely on the saxophone so heavily.” Although Solomon prefers writing to playing at the moment, sax is still his instrument of choice. 

As for Henry’s musical career, there doesn’t seem to be many restrictions regarding his future and his boundless outlook on music aids this immensely, which is also something that you can hear ever so clearly in his newly released album “Night Time Head Crunch.” His funky and transcendental sound can not only be heard, but also seen and interpreted through his album art, which he designs himself. Ultimately, it seems as though he enjoys every aspect of the album making experience, diving in head first, showing extreme versatility. From playing to writing, Solomon is still trying new things and figuring out what his future in the music industry looks like. As he puts it, “…I knew I wanted to play music forever but I didn’t really know what it was going to look like. I’m still figuring that out day by day, letting go of expectations and trying to let myself be more open to new things.”

Solomon currently resides in Los Angeles, California and thoroughly enjoys the music seen out there and as he explains it, “It feels very freeing and open and people don’t seem to judge each other as much as  New York or Paris or wherever. You can be involved in a lot of different styles of music and it’s not a big deal.” He is no stranger to live performances as well. Although Henry just released his first album, the start off to his solo career, he has played sax in the band ‘THUMPASAURUS’ for the past few years. He also has a side project with his good friend and bassist Logan Kane, who appeared on Gré’s Closing Time Concert. Their band together is called ‘Outside World,’ and it’s primarily instrumental. Although they have yet to release anything, their musical talent is undeniable and we here at Gré are excited to witness their musical journey. 

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