Honey The Witch

By Holland Taylor

Photography by Kelly Segré

With a fierce image and music which can be described as a combination of kick-ass and ethereal, Honey the Witch defies societies standards for women.  As an advocate for the equality and unity of women everywhere she explains, “the witch symbolizes feminism and claiming your own power.” She took inspiration from a close friend named Honey, and the Salem Witch Trials to come up with her well crafted name.  The Salem Witch Trials made her think about women claiming their own power, so she did exactly that, and she made it her name. Speaking with Honey, it seems evident she has a passion for the music she creates, along with everything her name represents.

Honey The Witch photograph by Kelly Segré

When asked which of her own songs was her favorite, she seemed to be taken aback stating, “Oh, that’s hard.” After a brief pause, she said to me that it had to be, “In the Ashes.”  She says she always gets, “A really interesting reaction, almost always hearing that it resonated with the audience,” and, “the lyrics are just vague enough so that people are able to superimpose their own meaning.”  While this song was written after her dad’s passing when she was only seventeen, “In the Ashes” also reflects her escape from a toxic relationship, giving her a voice when she felt like she did not have one.           

Lyrically influenced by artists like Elliot Smith and Bright Eyes, Honey has also found inspiration in more recent years by modern artists like Angel Olsen and Sufjan Stevens.  Although these artists inspire her, she does not wish to follow in their exact footsteps. “I try not to pull from their musical influence too much, because I still want to have my own style.” This is something very apparent in Honey the Witch’s live performances. While they may have been slightly influenced by her favorite artists, her connection with her audience is what makes Honey her own entity.  She explains her love for playing more intimate shows, as it allows her to connect with her audience on a deeper level.           

It was her self awareness which made me want to do this interview to begin with. When asked why I personally wanted to do this interview my immediate response was, “I like her.”  I like everything about her. If there was someone to have a girl crush on, this is her. She is dedicated to her craft, genuine, and extremely talented.  It really is that simple.        

With creativity and passion, Honey the Witch is giving back to her community’s art scene and making her home in the Coachella Valley proud. Her new album, titled “It’s Okay, I Love You,” will be released on October 20, 2019, a sentimental day for Honey. Dedicated to her father, the title comes from a dream she had where her father embraced her, telling her, “It’s okay, I love you.” Not only is Honey the Witch making her own community proud, but we know her father would be too.

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