Vinyl For Sale

Records available to purchase at Gré Coffeehouse in Palm Springs Monday-Tuesday 9am-2:00pm and Wednesday-Sunday 9am-6pm.  List is updated every Wednesday morning. Text 310-409-8849 to find out if a record is still available.

.38 Special Wild-Eyed Southern Boys $7.00
.38 Special Tour De Force $5.00
“Pops” Orchestra Music Of Leroy Anderson $7.00
101 Strings The Soul of Spain Latin $10
45 Grave Punk $80.00
5th Dimension Go Where You Wanna Go Up, Up, and Away $12.00
5th Dimension Greatest Hits On Earth $10.00
5th Dimension Individually & Collectively $5.00
5th Dimension Living Together, Growing Together $5.00
5th Dimension Love’s Lines, Angels & Rhymes $5.00
5th Dimension Love’s Lines, Angels & Rhymes $7.00
5th Dimension Stoned Soul Pink $7.00
A Drop in the Gray Certain Sculptures $7.00
A Rock and Roll Alternative Atlantic Rhythm Section $5.00
Abba Greatest Hits $12.00
Abercrombie, Holland, Dejohnette Arcade $7.00
AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap $25.00
Ace An Ace Albunm $5.00
Acevas Mejia, Antonio Muñiz, Villa, & De Celis Los Apuros De Dos Gallos Español, folk $10.00
Acevas Mejia, Miguel The Man From Mexico Español, mariachi $15.00
Acevas Mejia, Miguel Pa’ Todo El Año Español, mariachi $7.00
Aceves Mejia, Miguel El Gallo Colorado Español, mariachi $12.00
Aceves Mejia, Miguel Entre Copa Y Copa Español, ranchera $15.00
Aceves Mejia, Miguel Corridos Y Caballos Famosos Español, ranchera $20.00
Aceves Mejia, Miguel Mexican Folk Songs Español, folk $7.00
Aceves Mejia, Miguel El Buena Suerte Vol. VIII Español, ranchera $7.00
Aceves Mejia, Miguel Canciones De Jose Alfredo Jimenez Español, ranchera $25.00
Adams, Bryan Into The Fire $7.00
Aerosmith Draw The Line $10.00
Air Supply The One That You Love $5.00
Alabama Mountain Music $7.00
Alabama Greatest Hits $7.00
Alan Parsons Project The Turn of A Friendly Card $7.00
Aldrich, Ronnie Here Come The Hits! Jazz $5.00
Aldrich, Ronnie The Romantic Pianos Of Ronnie Aldrich Jazz $5.00
Alemi, Hayvanlar Guarana Superpower Psych rock $12.00
Alfredo Jiménez, José Arrullo De Dios Español, folk $15.00
Alfredo Jiménez, José La Enorme Distancia Español, ranchera $12.00
Alfredo Jiménez, José Muchacha Bonita Español, mariachi $10.00
Alfredo Jiménez, José Ella… La Que Se Fue Español, bolero
Tested, plays ok
Alfredo Jiménez, José El Inmortal 15 Eternos Exitos Español, ranchera $15.00
Allen, Peter I Could Have Been A Sailor $5.00
Allen, Red At Newport Jazz $5.00
Allman Brothers At Fillmore East $40.00
Allman Brothers Band, The Eat a Peach $35.00
Allman Brothers Band, The Enlighted Rogues $7.00
Allman Brothers Band, The Win, Lose or Draw $5.00
Allman Brothers Band, The Wipe The Windows, Check The Oil, Dollar Gas Sealed $20.00
Allman, Gregg Just Before The Bullets Fly $10.00
Allman, Gregg The Gregg Allman Tour $7.00
Allman, Gregg The Gregg Allman Tour Double Record $5.00
Almeida, Laurindo Best of Classical $7.00
Almeida, Laurindo Guitar From Ipanema World, bossa nova $5.00
Almond, Mark Rising $5.00
Alpert, Herb Fandango $5.00
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Sounds Like $5.00
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass The Beat Of Brass $5.00
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass SRO $5.00
Alpert, Herb & Tijuana Brass Beat Of The Brass $5.00
Alpert, Herb & Tijuana Brass Fandango $10.00
Alpert, Herb & Tijuana Brass Sounds Like $5.00
Alpert, Herb & Tijuana Brass What Now My Love $10.00
Alpert, Herb & Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream & Other Delights $12.00
Alpha Band The Alpha Band $5.00
Alwyn Wall Band The Prize $10.00
Amboy Dukes, The Journey To The Center Of The Mind $20.00
Ambrosia Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled $10.00
Ambrosia $7.00
America Hat Trick $7.00
America Hat Trick $5.00
America Your Move $5.00
America Harbor $5.00
American Breed Bend Me Shape Me $15.00
American Tears Powerhouse $5.00
Ames Brothers Smoochin’ Time Jazz $10.00
Anderson, Carl An Act Of Love Soul, jazz $5.00
Anderson, John 10 $5.00
Anderson, Jon Olias of Sunhillow $12.00
Anderson, Leroy “Pops” Concert Jazz $5.00
Anderson, Leroy Conducts His Music Jazz $5.00
Anderson, Leroy Music Of Leroy Anderson Vol. 1 Classical $7.00
Anderson, Leroy Music Of Leroy Anderson Vol. 2 Classical $10.00
Andrews Sisters Greatest Hits $5.00
Andrews Sisters, The Pennsylvanio Polka! $5.00
Andrews Sisters, The Greatest Hits White Label Promo $10.00
Animals Animalization $12.00
Animals (Eric Burdon) Winds Of Change $7.00
Animals / Eric Burdon The Greatest Hits $7.00
Anka, Paul Feelings $5.00
Anthony, Ray The Dream Girl $5.00
Anthony, Ray Dream Dancing $5.00
Anthony, Ray I Almost Lost My Mind Blues $5.00
Arbors, The Sing Valley Of The Dolls Demo record $7.00
Archies Sunshine $5.00
Archies Jingle Jangle $5.00
Argent In Deep $5.00
Argent Anthology $10.00
Armstrong, Louie Satchmo And Me Jazz $25.00
Asia Asia $7.00
Asia $7.00
Asia Alpha $5.00
Asleep At The Wheel Collision Course $5.00
Association Renaissance $5.00
Association Renaaissance $5.00
Association, The Insight Out $7.00
Astley, Rick She Wants to Dance With Me 12″ $5.00
Atkins, Chet In Hollywood $10.00
Atkins, Chet Teen Scene $15.00
Atkins, Chet Street Dreams $7.00
Atkins, Chet Relaxin’ With Chet $5.00
Atkins, Chet Chet $5.00
Atkins, Chet Nashville Gold $5.00
Atkins, Chet Teensville $5.00
Atlanta Rhythm Section Dog Days $7.00
Atlanta Rhythm Section Red Tape $5.00
Atlanta Rhythm Section Underdog $5.00
Atlanta Rhythm Section Underdog $5.00
Atlantic Rhythm Section A Rock and Roll Alternative $5.00
Atlantic Rythm Section Dog Days Sealed $7.00
Atlantic Rythm Section Red Tape $5.00
Atlantic Rythm Section Third Annual Pipe Dream $10.00
Atlantic Starr Brilliance $5.00
Atlantic Starr We’re Moving Up $5.00
Atlantic Starr Radiant $5.00
August, Jan Great Piano Hits Jazz $12.00
Aum Bluesvibes $50.00
Aum Resurrection $15.00
Average White Band Shine $5.00
Aznavour, Charles Aznavour Sings Aznavour Vol. 3 $5.00
Babys Union Jacks $5.00
Babys, The Union Jacks $5.00
Bachman Turner Overdrive Four Wheel Drive $5.00
Bad Company Desolation Angels $10.00
Bad Company Burning Sky $7.00
Bad Company $10.00
Bad Company Straight Shooter $7.00
Baez, Joan Recently $5.00
Baez, Joan David’s Album $5.00
Baez, Joan Best of Joan Baez $5.00
Baez, Joan $5.00
Baez, Joan Blessed Are… $7
Bagley, Ben Shoestring Revue Jazz $25.00
Baja Marimba Band For Animals Only $5.00
Baja Marimba Band Rides Again $5.00
Baja Marimba Band Watch Out $5.00
Baja Marimba Band Fresh Air $7.00
Baja Marimba Band Watch Out $10.00
Baja Marimba Band Fowl Play $10.00
Baja Marimba Band Baja Marimba Band Latin, jazz $7.00
Band Rock of Ages 2LP $15.00
Banda Corrida Of Mexico City ¡Torero! Music Of The Bull Ring Español $5.00
Bardeux Bold As Love $10.00
Barth, Belle My Next Story Is A Little Risque Comedy $5.00
Barth, Belle If I Embarrass You Tell Your Friends Comedy $5.00
Bay City Rollers Dedication $5.00
Be-Bop Deluxe Sunburst Finish $12.00
Beach Boys Surfin’ Safari $15.00
Beach Boys Christmas Album $20.00
Beatles The Beatles Story Mono $40.00
Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club $35.00
Beck, Bogert, Appice $7.00
Beck, Jeff Beck Ola $10.00
Beck, Jeff Guitar Shop $25.00
Beck, Jeff Flash $7.00
Beck, Jeff Wired $7.00
Beck, Jeff Wired $10.00
Bee Gees Greatest Hits 2LP $10.00
BeeGees Spirits Having Flown $7.00
BeeGees Trafalgar $7.00
BeeGees Main Course $7.00
BeeGees Main Course $7.00
Beethoven Symphony No.5 In C Minor Opus 67 Classical $10
Beethoven Beethoven Bicentenial Collection Classical $7
Belafonte Abraham, Martin, & John $5.00
Belafonte An Evening With $5.00
Belafonte The Midnight Special $5.00
Belafonte Mark Twain And Other Folk Favorites $7.00
Belafonte At Carnegie Hall $12
Belafonte The Midnight Special $10
Belafonte, Harry Swing Dat Hammer $10.00
Benatar, Pat Get Nervous $5.00
Benatar, Pat Precious Time $5.00
Bennett, Tony A Time For Love $5.00
Bennett, Tony At Carnegie Hall Live $7.00
Bennett, Tony Greatest Hits Vol. III $5.00
Bennett, Tony I Left My Heart In San Francisco Mono $5.00
Benno, Marc Ambush $15.00
Benson, George Livin’ Inside Your Love 12″ $5.00
Benson, George Tell It Like It Is Jazz $10.00
Benson, George The Other Side of Abbey Road Jazz $20.00
Benson, George Weekend in L.A. 2LP $5.00
Benson, George Weekend in LA Damaged cover, records look good $5.00
Benson, George Weekend In LA Jazz $5.00
Benson, George Give Me The Night Jazz $7.00
Benson, George Twice The Love Jazz $7.00
Bent Fabric Alley Cat $5.00
Bergen, Polly The Party’s Over Jazz? $5.00
Berigan, Bunny Great Dance Bands of the 30s & 40s $5.00
Bernstein New York Philharmonic Quadraphonic $10.00
Bernstein Orchestre Ravel Boléro $5.00
Berry, Chuck From St. Louie to Frisco $10.00
Big Country The Crossing $7.00
Big Country The Crossing $7.00
Biggs, Casals, Gould Switched Off Bach $5.00
BIshop, Elvin Crabshaw $7.00
Bishop, Elvin Feel It $7.00
Bishop, Elvin Live Raisin’ Hell 2LP $7.00
Bishop, Elvin Rock My Soul $5.00
Bizet : Carmen L’Arlesienne Rare $40.00
Bjork, Brant and The Bros Somera Sol Saved by Magic 2LP $75.00
Black Oak Arkansas Raunch ‘n’ Roll $5.00
Black Oak Arkansas Live Mutha $7.00
Black, Stanley Russia Classical $15.00
Black, Stanley & Orchestra The All Time Top Tangos Latin, tango $5.00
Blackfoot Marauder $5.00
Blood, Sweat & Tears Child Is Father To The Man $7.00
Blood, Sweat & Tears New Blood $5.00
Blood, Sweat & Tears Blood, Sweat, & Tears $5.00
Blood, Sweat & Tears New Blood $5.00
Blood, Sweat & Tears Blood, Sweat, & Tears $5.00
Blood, Sweat, & Tears Greatest Hits $5.00
Blood, Sweat, & Tears More Than Ever $5.00
Blood, Sweat, & Tears $7.00
Blood, Sweat, & Tears 3 $5.00
Bloodrock Live $12.00
Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills Super Session $10.00
Bloomfield, Mike / Al Kooper
The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield
Bloomfield, Mike & Al Kooper The Live Adventures Of $10.00
Blue Oyster Cult $20.00
Blue Steel Nothing But Time $10.00
Bluenotes, The Groups Three Jazz $10.00
Blues Project The Best Of $20.00
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Against The Wind $7.00
Bolin, Tommy Privates Eyes $12.00
Bolin, Tommy Teaser $15.00
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet $25.00
Bonds, Gary U.S. Dedication $10.00
Bonoff, Karla Promo Copy $5.00
Boone, Pat Golden Hits $10.00
Boone, Pat Pat’s Greatest Hits $5.00
Boots Randolph King Of Yakety Jazz $5.00
Boots Randolph Yakety Revisited Jazz $5.00
Boots, Randolph Hip Boots $5.00
Booty People Disco, funk $10.00
Bossa Rio Alegria Sealed $15.00
Bottom Line Crazy Dancin’ Disco, funk $10.00
Boulez Conducts Wagner New York Philharmonic Quadraphonic $10.00
Braff, Ruby You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me Jazz $5.00
Brand X Masques $10.00
Brand X Livestock $10.00
Branigan, Laura Self Control $5.00
Branigan, Laura Touch $10.00
Bread Guitar Man $5.00
Bread Manna $5.00
Brewer + Shipley Tarkio $7.00
Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express Straight Ahead $7.00
Brooks, George E. Sing Country And Their Own Hits $7.00
Brothers Four, The The Big Folk Hits $5.00
Brown, Bobby On Our Own 12″ $5.00
Brown, Bobby The Enlightened Beam Of Axonda Psych rock $30.00
Brown, Georgia The Many Shades of $5.00
Brown, Peter Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me? $7.00
Browne, Jackson The Pretender $5.00
Browne, Jackson Running On Empty $5.00
Browne, Jackson Hold Out $5.00
Browne, Jackson Hold Out $5.00
Browne, Jackson Running On Empty $5.00
Browne, Jackson The Pretender $5.00
Browne, Jackson Lawyers In Love $5.00
Browne, Maxine Spotlight On Jazz $60.00
Brubeck, Dave Greatest Hits Jazz $15.00
Brubeck, Dave Quartet Jazz $20.00
Bryson, Peabo Reaching For The Sky $5.00
Bryson, Peabo Straight From The Heart $5.00
Buchanan, Roy Second Album $7.00
Buckinghams Greatest Hits $5.00
Buffalo Springfield Again $30.00
Buffett, Jimmy A1a $5.00
Bunch, The Rock On Folk rock $10.00
Burton and Jarrett $5.00
Butterfield Blues Band Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw $15.00
Butterfield Blues Band
The Resurrection of Pigboy Carbshaw
Butterfield Blues Band $20.00
Butterfield Blues Bland In My Own Dream $10.00
Butterfield Stage Line $10.00
Byrd, Charlie For All We Know Love Story $5.00
Byrds Mr. Tambourine Man $35.00
Byrds The Byrds $10.00
Caboose Caboose Psych Rock $12.00
Caiola, Al Solid Gold Guitar Jazz $7
California, Randy Restless $5.00
Callender, Bobby Rainbow $35.00
Cameron, G.C. Love Songs & Other Tragedies Soul, dj copy $5.00
Campbell, Glen Reunion $10.00
Campbell, Stan Years Go By $5.00
Canned Heat Boogie with Canned Heat $10.00
Cano, Eddie The Best Of $5.00
Cano, Eddie Here Is The Fabulous World $5.00
Capaldi, Jim Whale Meat Again $5.00
Capaldi, Jim $5.00
Captian & Tennille Greatest Hits $5.00
Carle, Frankie 30 Hits $7.00
Carle, Frankie A Carle-Load of Hits Jazz $10
Carlin, George An Evening With Wally Londo Comedy $5.00
Carlisle, Frankie I Feel Free 12″ $7.00
Carlos, Wendy Bach: Switched-On Brandenburgs $7.00
Carmen, Eric $7.00
Carnes, Kim Mistaken Identity German import $10.00
Carnes, Kim Romance Dance $5.00
Carnes, Kim Voyeur $5.00
Carpenters Now and Then $5.00
Carpenters Close to You $5.00
Cars Candy O $12.00
Carter Family, The Lonesom Pine Special $5.00
Carter, Betty Now It’s My Turn Jazz $5.00
Carter, Dorothy Troubador Celtic Folk $25.00
Cash, Johnny Story Songs of The Trains & Rivers $10.00
Cash, Johnny Original Golden Hits Vol II $12.00
Castle, Jo Ann 22 Great Ragtime Hits Jazz $7.00
Castle, Jo Ann 22 Great Ragtime Hits Jazz $7.00
Cavanaugh, Rage Spotlight On Jazz $5.00
Chad & Jeremy Yesterday’s Gone $10.00
Champagne Circle, The Can’t Take My Eyes Off You $10.00
Chapin, Harry Short Stories $5.00
Chapin, Harry Verities & Balderdash $7.00
Chapin, Harry Dance Band on the Titanic $7.00
Chapin, Harry Verities & Balderdash $7.00
Charlene Used To Be $5.00
Charles, Ray Volcanic Action Of My Soul $12.00
Charles, Ray At Newport $35.00
Charles, Ray Soul Feelin’ $7.00
Charles, Ray Soul Feelin’ $7.00
Charles, Ray Listen $10.00
Charles, Ray Genius of… $10.00
Charles, Ray A Portrait Of Ray Jazz $10.00
Charles, Ray Wish You Were Here Tonight $7.00
Charles, Ray Memories Of A Middle-Aged Movie Fan Jazz $5.00
Charles, Ray The Greatest Hits of Soul, 5xLP $20
Charleston Trio, The On Tour $5.00
Charlie Daniels Band Fire on the Mountain $7.00
Charlie Daniels Band Nightrider $5.00
Charlie Daniels Band Saddle Tramp $10.00
Charlie Daniels Band Fire On The Mountain $7.00
Cheap Trick In Color $15.00
Cheap Trick Live at Boudoken $12.00
Checker, Chubby Fot Teen Twisters Only $5.00
Chi-lites, The The Romancers $7.00
Chicago Chicago 2 $20.00
Chicago Chicago IX Greatest Hits $10.00
Chicago Chicago X $5.00
Chicago At Carrnegie Hall Vol. IV $10.00
Chicago At Carrnegie Hall Vol. IV $10.00
Chicago Hot Streets $5.00
Chico Hamilton Quintet Jazz $15.00
Christmas A Christmas Album Streisand, Barbara $5.00
Christmas A Merry Christmas Humperdinck, Engelbert $5.00
Christmas Christmas Box Set Kern, Herb $7.00
Christmas Christmas Dance Party Vol. 9 Lanin, Lester $8.00
Christmas Christmas Favorites $5.00
Christmas Christmas Music Of The Baroque $5.00
Christmas Christmas On The Organ And Chimes Crawford, Jesse $7.00
Christmas Christmas Special Ernie, Ford $5.00
Christmas Christmas Tyme Humperdinck, Engelbert $5.00
Christmas Drummer Boy $10.00
Christmas Glorious Sounds of Christmas $5.00
Christmas Great Songs Of Christmas $7.00
Christmas Merry Christmas Mathis, Johnny $5.00
Christmas Merry Christmas Frost & Taylor $15.00
Christmas Of Glad Tidings $5.00
The Christman World Of Sandler And Young
Christmas The Great Songs Of Christmas $5.00
The Life Treasury Of Christmas Music
Christmas Wish You A Merry Christmas Sinatra Family $12.00
Christmas Wishing You a Merry Christmas $5.00
Christmas Your Christmas Favorites 10″, 3x vinyl $10.00
Christmas The Christmas Album Fox, Virgil $5.00
Clapton, Eric History Of $15.00
Clark Sisters, The Heart Soul Gospel $10.00
Clark, Petula These are my Songs 60’s Pop $5
Clark, Petula Portrait of Petula 60’s Pop $5
Clark, Roy Best Of $5.00
Clark, Roy $5.00
Classics IV The Very Best of $10.00
Cliff, Jimmy Follow My Mind $5.00
Cliff, Jimmy Follow My Mind $5.00
Clifford, Buzz $12.00
Climax Blues Band Shine On $5.00
Cline, Patsy I Can’t Forget You $5.00
Cline, Patsy Sentimentally Yours Rare $35.00
Clique, The $5.00
Club Noveau Listen To The Message $7.00
Coasters Greatest Hits $20.00
Cobham, Billy Life & Times $10.00
Cobham, Billy Crosswinds Jazz, fusion $10.00
Cockburn, Bruce Humans $7.00
Cocker, Joe Joe Cocker? $7.00
Cocker, Joe $7.00
Cocker, Joe Live $7.00
Cocker, Joe Mad Dogs & Englishmen 2LP $10.00
Cognition The Road Psych rock, 2LP $15.00
Cold Blood $15.00
Cold Blood Thriller $15.00
Cold Blood First Taste Of Sin $10.00
Cold Blood Sisyphus $10.00
Cole, Nat King Unforgettable $12.00
Cole, Nat King Wild Is Love $15.00
Cole, Nat King A Mis Amigos $12.00
Cole, Nat King Cole Espanol $12.00
Cole, Nat King Natalie Jazz $5.00
Cole, Nat King Unforgettable Jazz $10.00
Cole, Nat King $5.00
Cole, Nat King Love Is The Thing $10.00
Cole, Nat King Nat Cole King and Lester Young Jazz $7.00
Collette, Roberts, Helms Bossa Nova $7.00
Collins, Judy Recollections $5.00
Collins, Judy #3 $5.00
Collins, Judy Judith $5.00
Collins, Judy So Early In The Spring $5.00
Collins, Judy Colors of The Day $10.00
Collins, Phil Hello, I Must Be Going! $7.00
Collins, Phil Hello, I Must Be Going Sealed $10.00
Colosseum The Grass Is Greener Jazz-Rock Prog Rock $25.00
Colosseum Live Jazz-Rock Prog Rock $25.00
Columbia Musical Treausury Glory Of Christmas 3xLP Boxset $5
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen Ozone $12.00
Commodores Midnight Magic $10.00
Commodores Natural High $5.00
Commodores In the Pocket Split sleeve $5.00
Como, Perry Look To Your Heart $5.00
Como, Perry Golden Hits $7.00
Como, Perry Home For The Holidays Christmas $5.00
Como, Perry For The Young At Heart $5.00
Como, Perry Look To Your Heart $5.00
Como, Perry Golden Hits $7.00
Como, Perry Home For The Holidays Christmas $5.00
Como, Perry For The Young At Heart $5.00
Con Funk Sun Loveshine Disco $5.00
Conniff, Ray Memories Are Made Of This Jazz $5.00
Conniff, Ray S Continental $5.00
Conniff, Ray S Continental $5.00
Coolidge, Rita Anytime $5.00
Coolidge, Rita NiceFeelin’ $5.00
Coolidge, Rita Anytime…Anywhere $5.00
Cooper, Alice Love It To Death $20.00
Cooper, Alice Raise Your Fist & Yell $15.00
Our Town, An Outdoor Overture, Quiet City
Corea, Hancock, Jarrett, Tyner Corea, Hancock, Jarrett, Tyner Jazz $10.00
Country Comfort We Are The Children $10.00
Country Joe & The Fish Together $10.00
Country Joe & The Fish Electric Music For The Mind & Body $10.00
Country Joe & The Fish I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die $15.00
Coward, Noel Cavalcade $20.00
Cream Fresh Cream $15.00
Cream Goodbye Cream $10.00
Criss, Wiggins, Garner, Getz Jazz $5.00
Criss, Wiggins, Garner, Getz Jazz $5.00
Croce, Jim You Don’t Mess Around With Jim $7.00
Croce, Jim Greatest Character Songs $5.00
Croisille, Nicole Femme… $5.00
Crosby & Nash Whistling Down The Wire $5.00
Crosby, David If I Could Only Remember My Name $30.00
Crosby, Stills, & Nash Daylight Again $7.00
Crosby, Stills, & Nash $7.00
Crosby, Stills, & Nash $15.00
Cross, Christopher $10.00
Cross, Christopher $7.00
Cross, Christopher Every Turn Of The World $5.00
Cross, Christopher Bank of My Mind $5.00
Crow Best Of $10.00
Crusaders Rhapsody And Blues $5.00
Cummings, Burton Dream of A Child $5.00
Curry, Billy Transportation $5.00
Cyrkle Red Rubber Ball $10.00
Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks $7.00
Dan, England & Coley, John Ford Dowdy Ferrt Road $5.00
Darin, Bobby Born $10.00
Dave Clark Five Return $7.00
Dave Clark Five Greatest Hits $5.00
Dave Clark Five Coast to Coast $5.00
Davies, Lew Strange Interlude $15.00
Davies, Lew A Cheerful Earful $5.00
Davis, Martha Jazz $5.00
De Franco, Buddy Borinquin Jazz $12.00
De Franco, Buddy Borinquin Jazz $12.00
De Grassi Turning Jazz $5.00
Debarge. El $5.00
DeBurgh, Chris At The End Of A Perfect Day White Label Promo $10.00
DeCormier, Robert Walking In The Sunshine Jazz $15.00
Deep Purple Burn $12.00
Deep Purple Come Taste The Band $10.00
Deep Purple The Book of Taliesyn $20.00
Deep Purple Who Do We Think We Are $7.00
Deep Purple Stormbringer $10.00
Dees, Rick Put It Where the Moon Don’t Shine $5.00
DeGarmo & Key, The This Ain’t Hollywood Gospel $5.00
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends To Bonnie From Delaney $10.00
Dennis, Matt Plays and Sings Jazz $10.00
Dennis, Matt Dennis, Anyone? Jazz $15.00
Denver, John Some Days Are Diamonds $5.00
Denver, John Windsong $5.00
Denver, John & The Muppets A Christmas Together Christmas $10.00
Deodato Prelude Jazz, funk $7.00
Desmond, Paul Desmond Blue Jazz $5.00
Di Pippo, Angelo World’s Greatest Accordionist Jazz $25.00
Di Pippo, Angelo World’s Greatest Accordionist Jazz $25.00
Diamond, Neil The Jazz Singer $7.00
Diamond, Neil Serenade $5.00
Diamond, Neil Jonathan Livingston Seagull $5.00
Diamond, Neil You Don’t Bring Me Flowers $5.00
Diamond, Neil Beautiful Noise $5.00
Diamond, Neil I’m Glad You’re Here $5.00
Diamond, Neil Top Root Manuscript $7.00
Diamond, Neil You Don’t Bring Me Flowers $7.00
Diamond, Neil Greatest Hits $5.00
Diamond, Neil Hot August Night Double Record $5.00
Diamond, Neil And The Singer Sings His Song $7.00
Diamond, Neil Jonathan Livingston Seagull Includes booklet $5.00
DIamond, Neil Greatest Hits $7.00
Diamond, Neil Heartlight $5.00
Diamond, Neil Moods $5.00
Diamond, Neil Jazz Singer $7.00
Diamond, Neil Stones $5.00
Diamond, Neil Touching you, Touching Me $5.00
Diamond, Neil Jonathan Livingston Seagull Includes booklet $5.00
DIamond, Neil Greatest Hits $7.00
Diamond, Neil Heartlight $5.00
Diamond, Neil Moods $5.00
Diamond, Neil Jazz Singer $7.00
Diamond, Neil Stones $5.00
Diamond, Neil Touching you, Touching Me $5.00
Diamond, Neil You Don’t Bring Me Flowers $7.00
Diamond, Neil Love at the Greek Love At The Greek $7.00
Die Wiener Sängerknaben Wem Gott Will Rechte Gunst Erweisen World $10.00
Dillard & Clark Fantastic Expedition $30.00
Dion You’re Not Alone $7.00
Dirt Band American Dream $5.00
Dirty Looks $8.00
Dixie Dregs Free Fall $7.00
Dobkins, Carl $5.00
Domino, Fats When My Dreamboat Comes Home Jazz $7.00
Donner, Ral She’s Everything $5.00
Donovan Wear Your Love Like Heaven $5.00
Doobie Brothers Livin’ On The Fault Line $7.00
Doobie Brothers Minute By Minute $10.00
Doobie Brothers Stampeded $7.00
Doobie Brothers Stampeded $7.00
Doobie Brothers Toulouse Street $10.00
Doobie Brothers
What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits
Doobie Brothers
What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits
Doors $50.00
Doors Strange Days $20.00
Dorsey, Tommy Jazz $3.00
Dorsey, Tommy Tea For Two $7.00
Dorsey, Tommy Best Of Tommy Dorsey Jazz, sealed $7.00
Dorsey, Tommy Best Of Tommy Dorsey Jazz / Sealed $7.00
Dr. Hook Sloppy Seconds $10.00
Dr. Hook Makin’ Love and Music $5.00
Dragon Are You Old Enough $7.00
Dream Team The Dream Team is in The House 12in Single $5
Duke, Patty Greatest Hits $5.00
Dukes of Dixieland Tailgating Jazz $5.00
Dukes of Dixieland Tailgating Jazz $5.00
Duran Duran Seven and The Ragged Tiger SOLD $7.00
Durante, Jimmy September Song $7.00
Durante, Jimmy Club Durant $5.00
Dylan, Bob Hwy 61 Revisited $40.00
Dylan, Bob Nashville Skyline $25.00
Dylan, Bob New Morning $15.00
Eagles $12.00
Eagles The Long Run $15.00
Eagles The Long Run $15.00
Earth Wind & Fire Faces 2LP $7.00
Earth Wind & Fire Touch The World $7.00
Easton, Sheena You could have been with me $5.00
Easton, Sheena You could have been with me $5.00
Easton, Sheena $10.00
Easton, Sheena Best Kept Secret $10.00
Easton, Sheena A Private Heaven $5.00
Edmunds, Dave Subtle As A Flying Mallet $10.00
Edmunds, Dave Tracks On Wax $10.00
Edward Bear Pop rock $5.00
Edwards, Jonathan $7.00
Electric Flag $15.00
Electric Flag The Band Kept Playing $10.00
Electric Flag $15.00
Electric Flag A Long Time Comin’ $7.00
Electric Light Orchestra Out Of The Blue $15.00
Electric Light Orchestra Eldorado $10.00
Electric Light Orchestra A New World Record $7.00
Elgart, Larry Sophisticated 60’s Jazz $10.00
Elgart, Larry Greatest Hits Jazz $7.00
Elliman, Yvonne $10.00
Ellington, Duke Togo Brava Suite Jazz, 2LP $7.00
Elliot, Dean Heartstrings $7.00
Emerson Lake & Palmer $10.00
Emerson Lake & Palmer Works $7.00
Emerson Lake & Palmer Pictures At An Exhibition $10.00
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Palmer Tarkus $5.00
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Emerson, Lake & Palmer $7.00
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tarkus $10.00
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tarkus $10.00
Emerson, Lake, & Palmer $7.00
Emerson, Lake, & Palmer Works Volume 2 $5.00
Emerson, Lake, + Palmer Brain Salad Soup $15.00
Emerson, Lake, + Palmer Pictures At An Exhibition $7.00
Emerson, Lake, + Palmer In Concert $5.00
England, Dan & John Ford Coley Fables $7.00
Eno, Brian Here Come The Warm Jets $40.00
Enoch Light & Light Brigade Dimension 3 Jazz $7.00
Enoch Light & Light Brigade My Musical Coloring Book Jazz $5.00
Enoch Light & Light Brigade Command Performances Jazz $5.00
Enoch Light & Light Brigade Stereo 35mm Jazz, pop $7.00
Erwin, Lee Sounds Of Silents Jazz $30.00
Europe Six Two Eight $35.00
Europe Wings of Tomorrow $10.00
Evergreen, Johnny Played By Russel Garcia Jazz $15.00
Everly Brothers The Golden Hits $5.00
Exile All Is There $5.00
Exile Mixed Emotions $5.00
Eyes of Blue The Crossroads of Time Psych Rock / Sealed $40.00
Eyes of the Beacon Street Union Psych rock $30.00
Fabian 16 Greatest Hits $5.00
Fabulous Poodles Mirror Stars $5.00
Fabulous Thunderbirds Hot Number $5.00
Fabulous Thunderbirds Hot Number $5.00
Faces Ooh La La $25.00
Fagan, Donald The Nightfly $30.00
Faith, Percy Chinatown $5.00
Faith, Percy Black Magic Woman Quadraphonic $10.00
Faith, Percy Viva! The Music Of Mexico Latin, jazz $5.00
Faith, Percy
“The Thomas Crown Affair” And Other Great Movie Themes
Faith, Percy I Concentrate On You Jazz $5.00
Faith, Percy Angel Of The Morning Jazz $5.00
Faith, Percy For Those In Love $5.00
Faithfull, Marianne Faithfull Forever $5.00
Fake Brick 12″ $10.00
Father M.C. Treat Them Like They Want To Be Treated 12″ $3.00
Felix, Julie This World Goes Round & Round $5.00
Fennell, Frederick Pop Overs Jazz $5.00
Fennell, Frederick Screamers Brass, military $10.00
Fennell, Frederick Conducts Gershwin $7.00
Fennell, Frederick Conducts Cole Porter $5.00
Ferrante & Teicher Midnight Cowboy $5.00
Ferré, Léo Je Te Donne $5.00
Fever Tree Another Time Another Place Psych rock $20.00
Fever Tree Psych rock $25.00
Feyer, George Today’s Hits – Tomorrow’s Memories Jazz $5.00
Fillmore, Millard Sing Along With $5.00
Fina, Jack Concerto For Dreams Jazz $7.00
Fine Young Cannibals Suspicions 12″ $10.00
Firefly Elan $5.00
Firm $10.00
Firm, The $10.00
Fischoff, George Pretty Kitty Poster included !! $7.00
Fisher, Eddie Best of $7.00
Fitzgerald, Ella Christmas Jazz $15.00
Fitzgerald, Ella Christmas Jazz $15.00
Fitzgerald, Ella Ella Jazz $10.00
Fitzgerald, Ella Ella Live Jazz $10.00
Fitzgerald, Ella Sings The Cole Porter Songbook Jazz, 2LP $25.00
Fitzgerald, Ella Best Of Ella Fitzgerald Vol. II Jazz, 2LP $10.00
Five Americans Progressions Psych rock $50.00
Five Man Electrical Band Psych rock $25.00
Flack, Roberta Blue Lights in the Basement $5.00
Flack, Roberta Roberta Flack $5.00
Flack, Roberta Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway $5.00
Flanagan, Ralph In Hi-Fi Jazz $5.00
Flash and The Pan $7.00
Flatt, Lester & Scruggs, Earl The Fabulous Sound Of… $15.00
Fleetwood Mac Bare Trees $5.00
Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac Some surface noise, no skips $25.00
Fleetwood Mac Self Titled 1975 $30.00
Flock Dinosaur Swamps Psych rock $7.00
Flotsam and Jetsam No Place For Disgrace $60.00
Flower $7.00
Flying Circus Fool For The City Sealed $5.00
Focus Focus 3 2LP $12.00
Focus Moving Waves $5.00
Fogelberg, Dan Phoenix $5.00
Foghat Stone Blue $5.00
Foghat $10.00
Ford, Ernie “Tennessee” This Lusty Land! Country $5.00
Ford, Ernie “Tennessee” Ford Favorites $5.00
Ford, Lita Out For Blood $30.00
Foreigner Four $10.00
Foreigner Agent Provacatuer $10.00
Foreigner $10.00
Foster, Ronnie Sweet Revivial Blue Note Label $35.00
Fountain, Pete Plenty Of Pete Jazz $5.00
Four Colortones Music For A Dreamy World Folk, world $5.00
Four Seasons & Frankie Valli Greatest Hits Double Record $20.00
Four Seasons & Frankie Valli Street Fighter $5.00
Four Tops Indestructable $5.00
Four Tops One More Mountain $5.00
Four Tops Keeper of The Castle Funk, soul $7.00
Fourth Generation, The Plays A Jim Croce Songbook Rock $5.00
Fox, The For Fox Sake Vol 1 Psych rock $20.00
Fox, Virgil Back Live at the Fillmore East $5.00
Foxx, Red Foxx-A-Delic Comedy $5.00
Frampton, Peter Premonition $5.00
Frampton’s Camel Frampton’s Camel $10.00
Francalanzo, Maxine I Chose To Live Rare, autographed $75.00
Francis, Conne A New Kind of Connie $5.00
Francis, Connie Conne At The COPA $5.00
Francis, Connie Sings Bacharach And David Jazz $10.00
Francis, Connie Greatest American Waltzes Waltz $7.00
Francis, Connie Jealous Heart Jazz $7.00
Francis, Connie Songs To A Swinging Band $5.00
Franklin, Aretha The Electrifying of Aretha Franklin Rare $75.00
Franklin, Aretha Get It Right $7.00
Franks, Michael Burchfield Nines Jazz $7.00
Freddie & The Dreamers $5.00
Freddie & The Dreamers I’m Telling You Now $7.00
Free Live! $10.00
Free Fire and Water $20.00
Freeman, Bud Austin High School Jazz In Hi-Fi Jazz, swing $7.00
Fresh, Doug E. La-Di-Da-Di 12in Single $7
Frey, Glen The Allnighter $10.00
Friends of Distinction Highly Distinct $10.00
Frye, David Radio Free Nixon $5.00
Gabriel, Peter Peter Gabriel B&W cover $15.00
Gallagher, Rory Irish Tour ’74 $30.00
Gallagher, Rory Against The Grain $10.00
Gap Band Gap Band III $12.00
Gardel, Carlos Sus Primeras 14 Grabaciones Español $7.00
Gardel, Carlos Memorias De Carlos Gardel Español $7.00
Garfunkel, Art Breakaway $5.00
Garfunkel. Art Breakaway $5.00
Garfunkel. Art Angel Claire $5.00
Garland, Carter, & Jones Crossings Jazz $12.00
Garland, Judy Judy In Person Jazz $10.00
Garner, Erroll Concert By The Sea Jazz $10.00
Garner, Erroll $10.00
Garner, Erroll A New Kind Of Love Jazz $5.00
Garner, Erroll Jazz $7.00
Garner, Erroll Concert By The Sea Jazz $7.00
Garner, Erroll Other Voices Jazz $7.00
Garner, Erroll Concert By The Sea Jazz $7.00
Garner, Erroll Erroll Garner Jazz $7.00
Garner, Erroll The Greatest Garner Jazz $5.00
Garrett, Tommy More 50 Guitars In Love Jazz, world $5.00
Garrett, Tommy 50 Guitars Go South Of The Border Jazz, world $7.00
Gary Toms Empire 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Blow Your Whistle Disco $6.00
Gary Toms Empire 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Blow Your Whistle Disco $6.00
Gary, John John Gary Carnegie Hall Concert Jazz $5.00
Gatlin, Larry The Pilgrim Country $5.00
Gaynor, Gloria Glorious $5.00
Gaynor, Gloria Please Be There 12″ $5.00
Gaynor, Gloria Stories $5.00
Gaynor, Gloria I Kinda Like Me Disco $5.00
Gaynor, Gloria Park Avenue Sound Disco $7.00
General Public Too Much or Nothing 12″ $5.00
Genesis And Then There Were Three $10.00
Genesis Nursery Cryme Promo $35.00
Genesis From Genesis to Revelations $15.00
Genesis Abacab $7.00
Genesis Abacab $7.00
Genesis The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway $20.00
Gentle Giant Octopus $60.00
Gentle Giant $10.00
Gentle Giant Playing The Fool $10.00
George Shearing Quintet Blue Chiffon Jazz $5
Gershwin with Bongos Jazz $12.00
Getz, Stan Captain Marvel Jazz $10.00
Getz, Stan At The Shrine (No. 2) Jazz $20.00
Getz, Stan Groovin’ With Getz Jazz $7.00
Gibbs, Terri Turnaround Gospel $7.00
Gibson, Alexander
A Golden Treasury of Christmas Music
Gigli, Beniamino The Young Gigli Classical $5.00
Gilbert & Sullivan H.M.S. Pinafore Jazz $5.00
Giordano, Gus Jazz Dance Workout Jazz $50.00
Giorgio & Chris Love’s In You, Love’s In Me Disco $5.00
Giovanni, Caesar The Magic Fingers Of… Jazz $15.00
Gladis Knight & The Pips My Time 12″ $3.00
Gladis Knight & The Pips My Time 12″ $3.00
Gladys Knight & The Pips 2nd Anniversary $5.00
Gladys Knight & The Pips A Little Knight Music $10.00
Gladys Knight & The Pips I Feel A Song $5.00
Gladys Knight & The Pips Touch $5.00
Gladys Knight & The Pips Visions $5.00
Gleason, Jackie Music To Make You Misty Jazz $5.00
Gleason, Jackie Music to Remember Jazz $7.00
Gleason, Jackie That Moment $10.00
Gleason, Jackie Lazy Lively Love Jazz $7.00
Gleason, Jackie How Sweet It Is Jazz $5.00
Gleason, Jackie Music For Lovers Only Jazz $5.00
Glincolti $15.00
Glover, Robert & Guests The Butterfly And The Grasshoppers $15.00
Gold, Jim I Can’t Face Another Day Without You Disco $5.00
Gold, Marty 24 Pieces Of Gold Jazz $5.00
Gold, Marty Good Night Sweetheart Jazz $5.00
Gold, Marty Soundpower! Big Band $5
Goldberg, Barry Street Man $10.00
Golden Earring Grab It For A Second $7.00
Golden Earring N.E.W.S. Sealed $7.00
Golden Earring To the Hilt $10.00
Golden Earring No Promises – No Debts $7.00
Golden Earring Switch $7.00
Goodman, Benny 1937-38 Concert No. 2 Jazz $5.00
Goodman, Benny Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert Jazz $30.00
Goodman, Benny Fletcher Henderson Arrangement Jazz $5.00
Goodman, Benny King Of Swing With The All-Time Greats Jazz $5.00
Goodman, Benny The Golden Age Jazz $7.00
Goodman, Benny The Golden Era Presents Jazz $5.00
Goodman, Benny The Great Jazz $10.00
Goodman, Benny The Great Benny Goodman Jazz $7.00
Gordon, Claude Band Wins By A Landslide Jazz $5.00
Gosdin, Vern Till The End Country $5.00
Gould, Morton Exploring The Digital Frontier $7.00
Gould, Morton Love Walked In Jazz $7.00
Gould, Morton Moon, Wind, and Stars Classical $7
Goulet, Robert In Person $5.00
Grand Funk Live 2LP, German import $10.00
Grand Funk Survival $7.00
Grand Funk $20.00
Grand Funk Live Album 2LP $7.00
Grant, Earl Beyond The Reef Jazz $5.00
Grappelli, Stephane Feeling + Finesse = Jazz Jazz $5.00
Grassroots, The Golden Grass $5.00
Grassroots, The Move Along $5.00
Grateful Dead AOXOMOXOA $50.00
Gray, Glen Sounds Of The Great Bands Vol. 2 Jazz $7.00
Gray, Glen Sounds Of The Great Bands Vol. 2 Jazz $7.00
Greenbaum, Norman Spirit In The Sky $20.00
Greer, Michael Tallulah In Heaven Comedy, autographed $5.00
Greg Kihn Band Kihnspiracy $5.00
Gregg Smith Singers, The Folk Songs Of The World World $5.00
Grinderswitch Pullin’ Together Split sleeve $5.00
Group 87 $5.00
Guard, Dave Whiskeyhill Singers $5.00
Guess Who Canned Wheat $15.00
Guess Who Sown & Grown in Canada $10.00
Guess Who Road Food $7.00
Gunne, Jo Jo Bite Down Hard $5.00
Gunne, Jo Jo $7.00
Guthrie, Arlo Alices’s Restaurant $7.00
Guthrie, Arlo Running Down the Road $7.00
Guthrie, Gwen Just for You $5.00
Hagar, Sammy Standing Hampton $5.00
Hagar, Sammy All Night Long $7.00
Haggard, Merle A Tribute to the Best Damn Fiddle Player in the World (or, My Salute to Bob Wills) Country $7.00
Haggard, Merle The Best Of The Best Of Merle Haggard Country $7.00
Haley, Bill & His Comets Golden Hits $7.00
Haley, Bill & His Comets Greatest Hits $7.00
Hall & Oates Beauty On A Back Street $5.00
Hall & Oates X-Static $7.00
Hall & Oates X-Static $7.00
Hall & Oates Big Bam Boom $10.00
Hall, Freddie Plays The Gay 90’s $5.00
Hall, Pam Mark $7.00
Hambro, Leonid & Zayde, Jascha Magnificent Two-Piano Performances $7.00
Hambro, Leonid & Zayde, Jascha Magnificent Two-Piano Performances $10.00
Hamilton IV, George West Texas Highway $7.00
Hamilton, Chico Featuring Paul Horn Jazz $7.00
Hamilton, Chico Featuring Paul Horn Jazz $7.00
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds Fallin’ In Love $7.00
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds Fallin’ In Love $7.00
Harnell. Joe Best of $5.00
Harris, Emmylou Angel Band $5.00
Harris, Emmylou Pieces Of The Sky $5.00
Harrison, George Cloud Nine $10.00
Hawkins, Coleman The Hawk In Paris Jazz $12.00
Hawkins, Dale Let’s All Twist $12.00
Hawkwind Space Ritual Psych rock, 2LP $50.00
Haydn Missa Solemnis Classical $10
Hayman, Richard Cinema Sounds $5.00
Head East Onward And Upward $10.00
Heart Bad Animals $7.00
Heart Bebe LaStrange $10.00
Heart Dog & Butterfly $7.00
Heart Private Audition $7.00
Heath, Ted The Big Ones Jazz $10.00
Heaven 17 Who Will Stop The Rain 12″ $5.00
Heckscher, Ernie San Francisco to Broadway $10.00
Hedges, Michael Breakfast in the Field Jazz $7.00
Heller, Hugh The D15 Tool Thing $30.00
Heller, Hugh D15 Tool Thing / D15 Sounds Super rare $35.00
Henderson, Skitch Skitch… Tonight! $10.00
Henley, Don I Can’t Stand Still $7.00
Herman Hermits Volume 2: Best Of $5.00
Herman Hermits Best of Herman’s Hermits Vol 3 $5.00
Herman Hermits Volume 1: Best Of $5.00
Herman, Woody Early Autumn $5.00
Herman, Woody & The Thundering Herd Greatest Hits Jazz $5.00
Herman’s Hermits Hold On $5.00
Herman’s Hermits Best Of $7.00
Herman’s Hermits On Tour $5.00
Herman’s Hermits Hold On $5.00
Herrmann, Bernard The Mysterious Film World Of Bernard Herrmann Jazz $7.00
Herrmann, Bernard The Impressionists Jazz $7.00
Herrmann, Bernard Music From Great Film Classics $5.00
Hession, Jim & Martha Jazzapoppin Jazz $7.00
Hession, Jim & Martha Jazzapoppin Jazz $7.00
Hester, Carolyn Simply Folk, sealed $10.00
Higgens, Bertie Just Another Day In Paradise $5.00
Highway Highway 1 $5.00
Hines, Earl Plays George Gershwin $10.00
Hirt, Al Best Of $5.00
Hirt, Al Horn A-Plenty Jazz $7.00
Hirt, Al Trumpet And Strings Jazz, dixieland $5.00
Hollander, Lorin At the Fillmore East $5.00
Hollies $5.00
Holloway, Sterling Stories of Aesop Disney $10.00
Holman, Rex Here in the Land of Victory Psych rock $50.00
Hondells $12.00
Hookfoot Good Times A’ Comin’ $10.00
Hookfoot Good Times A’ Comin’ White label, promo $15.00
Hooters Nervous Night $7.00
Hoover Psych rock $15.00
Hoovers, The Smut and Class $7.00
Horton, Johnny Greatest Hits $7.00
Hot Tuna
Live at the New Orleans House Berkeley
Houston, Joe Rock & Roll With Joe Houston $7.00
Houston, Joe Doin’ The Twist Jazz $5.00
Houston, Thelma Never Gonna Be Another One $5.00
Houston, Thelma Any Way You Like It $5.00
Houston, Thelma Breakwater Cat $5.00
Howard, Eddy Singing In The Rain $5.00
Hugo & Luigi Chorus, The The Cascading Voices Of Jazz $5.00
Human League The Lebanon 12″ $3.00
Humble Pie On To Victory $12.00
Humble Pie Smokin’ $7.00
Humperdinck, Engelbert $5.00
Hundley, Craig Rhapsody In Blue Jazz $5.00
Hunter, Tab $7.00
Hyman, Dick The Man From O.R.G.A.N. Jazz $10.00
Hyman, Dick 60 Great All Time Songs Vol.1 Jazz $10.00
Ian Gillan Band Scarabus $20.00
Ian, Janis Miracle Row $5.00
Ian, Janis Fly Too High 12″ $5.00
Infante, Pedro Serie De Homenaje A Pedro Infante Español, ranchera $10.00
Infante, Pedro Bésame Morenita Español, ranchera $10.00
Infante, Pedro Adios Mis Chorreadas Español $15.00
Infante, Pedro Cien Años Español, mariachi $20.00
Infante, Pedro Tu Recuerdo Y Yo Español $7.00
Infante, Pedro Creaciones E Interpretaciones Español $10.00
Infante, Pedro Recordando A Pedro Infante Español, corrido $10.00
Ink Spots, The Sing Star Dust $5.00
Inner Circle Raggae Thing Reggae $30.00
Inner City Symphony Disco Magic $10.00
Inxs I Send A Message 12″ $7.00
Inxs Shabooh Shoobah $15.00
Inxs Kick $25.00
Iron Butterfly Ball $10.00
Iron Butterfly In A Gadda Da Vida $15.00
Iron Butterfly Metamorphesis $15.00
Iron Butterfly Heavy $15.00
Isaak, Chris You Owe Me Some Kind of Love 12″ $5.00
It’s a Beautiful Day …Today Psych rock $5.00
It’s A Beautiful Day Psych rock $10.00
It’s A Beautiful Day $10.00
It’s A Beautiful Day Antiques Bootleg $50.00
It’s A Beautiful Day Carnegie Halll $10.00
It’s A Beautiful Day Today $5.00
It’s A Beautiful Day $10.00
It’s A Beautiful Day Marrying Maiden $10.00
It’s Beautiful Day Anytime $7.00
Ives, Burl Singin’ Easy Folk, country $5.00
J Geiles Band Full House $7.00
J. Geiles Band The Morning After $7.00
J. Geils Band Bloodshot $5.00
J. Geils Band Land of a Thousand Dances 12″ $5.00
J. Geils Band Live $5.00
J. Geils Band Live $12.00
J. Geils Band Love Stinks $5.00
J. Geils Band The J. Geils Band Minor damage to cover $12.00
J. Geils Band The J. Geils Band Damaged cover $10.00
Jacks, Terry Seasons in the Sun White label, promo $12.00
Jacks, Terry Seasons In The Sun $5.00
Jackson, Chuck Greatest Hits Blues $5.00
Jackson, Janet Dream Street $10.00
Jackson, Jermaine $5.00
Jackson, Joe Live 1980/86 $15.00
Jackson, Wanda I’ve Gotta Sing Country $10.00
Jamal, Ahmad All Of You $10.00
James Gang Jesse Come Home $10.00
James, Harry The D-Day Remotes Jazz $5.00
James, Harry One Night Stand Jazz $7.00
James, Harry One Night Stand Jazz $5.00
James, Harry Live @ The Riverboat $8.00
James, Harry The Golden Trumpet $5.00
James, Joni The Mood Is Swinging! $5.00
James, Joni When I Fall In Love $10.00
James, Joni In The Still Of The Night $5.00
James, Sonny Only The Lonely Jazz $5.00
Jan & Dean Anthology Album 2LP $7.00
Janey & Dennis Janey & Dennis White Label Promo $7.00
Jarreau, Al This Time Jazz $5.00
Jarreau, Al Breakin Away Jazz $5.00
Jarreau, Al This Time Jazz $5.00
Jay and The Americans Try Some of This! $12.00
Jazz City Workshop, The The Jazz City Workshop Jazz $10.00
Jeff Healey Band See The Light $15.00
Jefferson Airplane Bark $10.00
Jefferson Airplane Thirty Seconds Over Winterland $7.00
Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow $30.00
Jefferson Starship Modern Times $5.00
Jefferson Starship Red Octopus $7.00
Jefferson Starship Red Octopus $7.00
Jenkins, Gordon My Heart Sings Jazz $7.00
Jerky Boys 2 $15.00
Jethro Tull Aqualung $7.00
Jethro Tull Best Of $5.00
Jethro Tull Burting Out LIVE! $7.00
Jethro Tull Living in the Past $15.00
Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick $5.00
Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick $7.00
Jethro Tull War Child $5.00
Jets Believe $7.00
JF Murphy & Salt $5.00
Jim + Jean People World $5.00
Jimenez, Luis Fury Of The Brave Bulls Español, folk $5.00
Joel, Billy Greatest Hits Vol I & II 2LP $60.00
John Cafferty & Beaver Brown Band Tough All Over $5.00
John, Elton Blue Moves Double Record $10.00
John, Elton Caribou $10.00
John, Elton Fantastic $10.00
John, Elton Goodbye Yellow Brick Road $20.00
John, Elton Honky Chateau $12.00
John, Olivia Newton Greatest Hits $5.00
John, Olivia Newton Don’t Stop Believin $5.00
John, Olivia Newton Totally Hot $5.00
Johnson, Tex Gunfighter Ballads $12.00
Jolly, Pete Give A Damn $5.00
Jonah Jones Quartet, The Jonah Jumps Again Jazz $5.00
Jones, David $5.00
Jones, Grace Fame $7.00
Jones, Jack Dear Heart $5.00
Jones, Jonah @ The Embers Jazz $5.00
Jones, Juggy Murray Inside America Disco $10.00
Jones, Quincy Roots (The Saga of An American Family) Soundtrack $5.00
Jones, Quincy Roots (The Saga of An American Family) Soundtrack $5.00
Jones, Tom Darlin’ $5.00
Jones, Tom Live in Las Vegas $5.00
Joplin, Janis Pearl Slight warp, playback ok $15.00
Journey Infinity $10.00
Journey Look Into The Future $10.00
Journey Infinity $10.00
June of 44 Tropic and Meridians $30.00
Jurgens, Dick Here’s That Band Again Today Jazz, swing $7.00
Kaempfert, Bert Wonderland by Night Jazz $15
Kaempfert, Bert Sweet And Gentle Jazz, “latin” $5.00
Kaempfort, Bert Greatest Hits $3.00
Kansas Monolith $5.00
Katrina and the Waves $10.00
Kay, John My Sportin’ Life $5.00
Kelly, Bev In Person Jazz $15.00
Kelly, Roberta Gettin The Spirit $5.00
Kelly, Roberta Getting’ the spirit Gospel $5.00
Kelly, Roberta Getting’ the spirit Gospel $5.00
Kenton, Stan Artists in Rhythm Jazz $5.00
Kenton, Stan Finian’s Rainbow Jazz $5.00
Kenton, Stan Greatest Hits Jazz $5.00
Kenton, Stan The Kenton Touch Jazz $7.00
Kenton, Stan Comes Music From Hair Jazz $10.00
Kenton, Stan Sketches On Standards Jazz $7.00
Kenton, Stan Comes Music From Hair Jazz $10.00
Kenton, Stan Sketches On Standards Jazz $7.00
Kenton, Stan Kenton In Hi Fi Jazz $7.00
Kenton, Stan Cuban Fire! Jazz $5.00
Kerr, Anita Singers $5.00
Kershaw, Doug Swamp Grass $7.00
Kessel, Barney Guitarra $7.00
Kid Creole and The Coconuts Doppleganger $5.00
Killdozer Little Baby Butin $10.00
King & I Soundtrack $5.00
King Crimson IN The Court of the Crimson King $60.00
King Curtis Live at Fillmore West Jazz $30.00
King, B.B. There Must Be A Better World Blues $10.00
King, BB Lucille Blues $30.00
King, Bobby Love In The Fire Soul, disco $7.00
King, Bobby Love In The Fire Disco, soul $7.00
King, Carole Fantasy $5.00
King, Carole One To One $5.00
King, Carole Tapestry $15.00
King, Carole Touch The Sky $10.00
King, Elvin “Champage” Dancin’, Dancin’, Dancin’ 12″ $5.00
King, Freddie Burglar $50.00
King, Freddie Texas Cannonball $75.00
King, Wayne His Saxophone & Orchestra $10.00
King, Wayne Best Of $5.00
Kingsmen In Person $5.00
Kiss Dynasty $30.00
Kiss Alive II $20.00
Kitajima, Osamu The Source $5.00
Klugh, Earl Magic In Your Eyes Jazz $7.00
Klugh, Earl Heart String Jazz $7.00
Knack, The Get The Knack $10.00
Knight, Tommy $10.00
Koinonia Celebration $5.00
Koloc, Bonnie Hold On To Me Promo $5.00
Kool & The Gang In The Heart $5.00
Kostal, Irwin
Themes From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Kostelanetz, Andre Love Story Jazz $5.00
Kostelanetz, Andre Plays Michael Legrand $7.00
Kostelanetz, Andre Grand Canyon Suite On The Trail Classical $5
Kristofferson, Kris Jesus Was a Capricorn $5.00
Kristofferson, Kris The Silver Tongued Devil and I $7.00
Krupa, Gene Percussion King Jazz $10.00
Kunzel, Erich Capriccio Italien World $25.00
L.A. Dream Team Rockberry Jam with Funky Fresh 12in Single $10
La Negra, Toña Lo Mejor De Español $15.00
Labelle Nightbird $10.00
LaDuca, John Mr. Fantastic In The Wonderful World Jazz $7.00
Laine, Frankie You Gave Me A Mountain Jazz $7.00
Laine, Frankie Call Of The Wild $7.00
Laine, Frankie Rockin’ Jazz $10.00
Laine, Frankie I’ll Take Care Of Yours $5.00
Lane, Crissy One Day At A Time $5.00
Lanzo, Mario A Mario Lanza Program $5.00
Lanzo, Mario His Favorites Artists $10.00
Lanzo, Mario The Great Caruso $5.00
LaRue, D.C. Confessions Disco $5.00
LaSalle, Denise Unwrapped $5.00
Last Exit Last Exit $20.00
Last Exit The Noise of Trouble $10.00
Lavin, Christine Future Fossils $5.00
Lazy Racer $5.00
Lectric Woods $7.00
Lee, Alvin & Mylon Le Fevre On The Road To Freedom $5.00
Lee, Brenda All Alone Am I $5.00
Lee, Brenda By Request $5.00
Lee, Brenda Bye Blues $5.00
Lee, Peggy Once More With Feeling $5.00
Leedy, Douglas The Electric Zodiac Psych Rock / Experimental $30.00
Lefevre, Paul Piano Moods $5.00
Legrand, Michel Broadway Is My Beat $5.00
Leinsdorf, Erich Conducts Petrushka Jazz $7.00
Leinsdorf, Erich Conducts Petrushka Jazz $5.00
Lemongello, Peter Do I Love You Soul $5.00
Lennon, John Double Fantasy $25.00
Lennon, John & Plastic Ono Band Live Peace in Toronto 1969 $25.00
Lennon, Julian Valotte $7.00
Les Cinq Modernes, Paul Horn Continental Jazz Jazz, sealed $5.00
Les Dudek Say No More $5.00
Let’s Active Afoot $7.00
Lettermen, The Love Book $5.00
Lewie, Jona Heart Skips Beat $5.00
Lewis, Gary & The Playboys Golden Greats $5.00
Lewis, Gary & The Playboys Golden Greats $5.00
Lewis, Jerry Lee Country Memories $5.00
Lewis, Jerry Lee Hall of Fame Hits Vol 1 $5.00
Lewis, Jerry Lee Sessions Recorded in London $7.00
Lewis, Webster 8 for 80s Disco, funk $5.00
Lightfoot, Gordon Don Quixote $5.00
Lightfoot, Gordon Gord’s Gold $7.00
Lightfoot, Gordon Summertime Dream $5.00
Lightfoot, Gordon Summertime Dream $5.00
Lighthouse Best of Lighthouse Psych rock $10.00
Ling, Ronald Jasmine $5.00
Lipps, Inc. Mouth to Mouth $7.00
Little Feat Sailin’ Shoes $30.00
Little Feat Feats Don’t Fail Me Now $7.00
Little Feat Let It Roll $5.00
Little Feat Dixie Chicken $25.00
Little Feat Time Loves A Hero $7.00
Little Feat Feats Don’t Fail Me Now $7.00
Little River Band First Under The Wire $7.00
Little River Band Diamantina Cocktail $5.00
Little River Band Sleep Catcher $5.00
Little Steven Voice of America $5.00
Living Strings Play Music in the Night Jazz $7
Loggins & Messina Nightwatch $5.00
Loggins & Messina So Fine $5.00
Loggins & Messina Mother Lode $5.00
Loggins & Messina Motherlode $5.00
Loggins, Kenny Alive $7.00
Loggins, Kenny Celebrate Me Home $5.00
Loggins, Kenny Keep The Fire $5.00
Loggins, Kenny Keep The Fire $5.00
Loggins, Kenny Nightwatch $10.00
London, Julie London By Night Jazz $20.00
London, Julie Tenderly Yours Jazz $7.00
London, Jullie In Person At The Americana Jazz $10.00
Longbranch Trio Plus One Live $10.00
Lonzo & World Class Turn Off the Lights $5.00
Lopez, Denise Truth In Disguise $5.00
Lopez, Trini At PJ’s $5.00
Lopez, Trini In London Jazz $5.00
Los Lobos How Will the Wolf Survive? $7.00
Los Machucambos Percussive Latin Trio Latin $10.00
Los Marimbas Caliente Holiday In Mexico World, latin $5.00
Los Norte Americanos The Band I Heard In Tijuana World, latin, mariachi $5.00
Los Quatro Tiajuanas Maria Elena World, latin $5.00
Love International Dance on the Groove 12″ $10.00
Love Unlimited Orchestra Super Movie Themes – Just A Little Different Disco $12.00
Love Unlimited Orchestra Super Movie Themes – Just A Little Different Disco $12.00
Loverboy Get Lucky $7.00
Loverboy $7.00
Loverboy Get Lucky $5.00
Loverboy Keep It Up $5.00
Lovin Hollander Live $5.00
Lovin Spoonful Hums of the Lovin’ Spoonfull $7.00
Lovin Spoonful Daydream $7.00
Lowe, Nick Nick The Knife $5.00
Lucas, Carrie Street Corner Symphony Disco $7.00
Lucas, Carrie In Danceland Disco $5.00
LuLu Sings To Sir With Love $5.00
Luv You Madly Disco $5.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd $60.00
Lynyrd Skynyrd Second Helping $30.00
MacDonald, Jeanette & Eddy, Nelson Favorites In Stereo Jazz $5.00
MacDonald, Jeanette & Eddy, Nelson Favorites In Stereo Jazz $5.00
Madame X $7.00
Maddox, Johnny Johnny Maddox Plays Split sleeve $5.00
Magnante, Charles Plays The Accordian $10.00
Manchester, Melissa Bright Eyes $5.00
Manchester, Melissa Greatest Hits $5.00
Mancini, Henry Our Man In Hollywood Jazz $7.00
Mandel, Harvey Cristo Redentor Psych rock $15.00
Mandel, Mandel Blues from Chicago Blues $25.00
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Angel Station $7.00
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Chance $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Chase The Clouds Away Jazz $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Friends & Love Jazz $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Fun and Games Jazz $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Main Squeeze Jazz $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Feels So Good Jazz $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Main Squeeze Jazz $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Bellavia Jazz $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Feels So Good $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Feels So Good Jazz $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Main Squeeze Jazz $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Bellavia Jazz $5.00
Mangione, Chuck Feels So Good $5.00
Manhattan Transfer, The Coming Out $5.00
Mann, Herbie London Underground $12.00
Mann, Herbie Fire Island Jazz $5.00
Mann, Herbie Waterbed Jazz $5.00
Mann, Herbie Memphis Underground $10.00
Mann, Herbie Glory of Love Jazz $7.00
Mann, Manfred The Mighty Quinn $25.00
Mann, Manfred The Manfred Mann Album $10.00
Mantovani Exodus Jazz, military $5.00
Manzanera, Phil 801 Live $12.00
Marciano, Rocky The Immprtal Champion Spoken word $12.00
Marcus Marcus $30.00
Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán Lo Mejor Del Español, mariachi $15.00
Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán Viva La Independencia (15 Grandes Exitos) Español, mariachi $10.00
Marino, Frank & Mahogany Rush What’s Next $5.00
Marino, Richard The Magic Beat! $5.00
Marshall Tucker Band Long Hard Ride $5.00
Marshall Tucker Band Running Like The WInd $5.00
Marshall Tucker Band Long Hard Ride $5.00
Martin, Mel Listen $5.00
Martin, Moon Mixed $7.00
Martínez Gil, Hermanos Chacha Linda Y Otras, Canciones, Inolvidables Español, folk $7.00
Martinez Gil, Los Hnos Cariñosamente… Vol. III Español, bolero $5.00
Mary Kaye Trio, The Up Front! $10.00
Masked Marauders $7.00
Mason, Dave Mariposa De Oro $5.00
Mason, Dave At His Best $5.00
Mason, Dave It’s Like You Never Left $5.00
Mason, Dave Alone Together $7.00
Mason, Dave Split Coconut $5.00
Mason, Dave Is Alive $5.00
Mason, Dave Alone Together $5.00
Mason, Dave Split Coconut $5.00
Mason, Dave Let It Flow $5.00
Mason, Dave & Cass Elliott $10.00
Mason, Jackie I’m The Greatest… Comedy $5.00
Mathis, Johnny First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face) $5.00
Mathis, Johnny Greatest Hits $5.00
Mathis, Johnny Greatest Hits $7.00
Mathis, Johnny In Person $5.00
Mathis, Johnny Open Fire, Two Guitars $5.00
Mathis, Johnny Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head $5.00
Mathis, Johnny Sings Bacharach $10.00
Mathis, Johnny The Sweetheart Tree $5.00
Mathis, Johnny Up, Up and Away $5.00
Mathis, Johnny You Light Up My Life $5.00
Mathis, Johnny Heavenly $5.00
Mathis, Johnny Sings $3.00
Matthews, Ian Hit and Run $5.00
Mauritz, Barbara Lamb $7.00
Max Demian Band Take It to the Max $5.00
Maxwell, Robert Anytime! Jazz $5.00
Mayall, John The Turning Point $7.00
Mayall, John USA Union $7.00
Mayall, John Blues From Laurel Canyon $20.00
McBain, John The in Flight Feature $12.00
McCall, Marty Up $7.00
McCann, Denise I Have A Destiny Disco, promo $5.00
McCann, Les In San Fransisco Jazz $7.00
McCartney, Paul Pipes of Piece $7.00
McCartney, Paul Pipes of Peace $7.00
McCartney, Paul Giving Regards To Broad Street $10.00
McCartney, Paul Pipes of Peace $7.00
McCartney, Paul Giving Regards To Broad Street $10.00
McCoy, Van And His Fabulous Movie Machine $5.00
McCoy, Van The Real Van McCoy $5.00
McCrae, George Disco $5.00
McCrae, George Diamond Touch Disco $5.00
McKenzie, Charlie Songs of the 40’s Jazz $7.00
McLean, Don American Pie $15.00
McNabb, Ted Big Band Swing Jazz $10.00
Meat Loaf Dead Ringer $5.00
Meco Encounters of Every Kind $5.00
Meco Moondancer Disco $5.00
Impressions of An American Werewolf In London
Meiser, Randy $5.00
Melachrino Strings and Orchestra, The April In Paris Jazz $7.00
Melanie Candles in the Rain $5.00
Melanie Candles In The Rain $7.00
Melodia Concert In Bombay Jazz $10.00
Mendes, Sergio & Brasil ’66 Primal Roots Latin, jazz $10.00
Mendes, Sergio & Brasil 66 Fool On The Hill Latin, jazz $5.00
Methany, Pat New Chautauqua 12″, promo $5.00
Metheny, Pat & Lyle Mays
As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls
MFSB End of Phase I – Greatest Hits $7.00
MFSB Summertime $5.00
MFSB Philadelphia Freedom $5.00
Michael Coldin Septet Silhouettes In Jazz Jazz $12.00
Michaels, Lee $10.00
Midler, Bette Live At Last $5.00
Miknc (Μίκης Θεοδωράκης) Πρώτη Εκτέλεση World $10.00
Miles, Buddy Live $12.00
Miles, Buddy We Got To Live Together $7.00
Miles, Buddy Them Changes $15.00
Miles, Buddy Electric Church $15.00
Miles, Buddy Expressway to Your Skull $15.00
Miller, Eddie Frat Hop Jazz $5.00
Miller, Glen The Glenn Miller Story Jazz $10.00
Miller, Glen Best Of Jazz $5.00
Miller, Glen The Glenn Miller Story Jazz $10.00
Miller, Glen Best Of Jazz $5.00
Miller, Glenn On Tour $5.00
Miller, Glenn Sunrise Serenade $5.00
Miller, Glenn String of Perals $5.00
Miller, Glenn Pure Gold $5.00
Miller, Glenn The Nearness of You $5.00
Miller, Glenn This Is Glenn Miller $5.00
Miller, Glenn The Glenn Miller Story Jazz $7.00
Miller, Glenn Plays Selections Jazz $5.00
Mills Brothers My Shy Violet Jazz $5.00
Mills Brothers The Mills Brothers Live! Jazz $5.00
Mills, Stephanie For the First Time $5.00
Mills, Stephanie I’ve Got The Cure Electronic, funk $5.00
Milsap, Ronnie
Out Where the Bright Lights Are Glowing
Mitch Miller and the Gang Night Time Sing Along with Mitch Soundtrack $10.00
Mitch Miller and the Gang Sentimental Sing Along with Mitch Soundtrack $10.00
Mitch Miller and the Gang Holiday Sing Along Christmas $5.00
Mitch Miller and the Gang Holiday Sing Along Christmas $5.00
Mitchell Trio Violets of Dawn $5.00
Mitchell, Joni Blue $50.00
Modern Folk Quartet The Modern Folk Quartet $10.00
Molly Hatchet Take No Prisoners $5.00
Molly Hatchet Flirtin With Disaster $10.00
Molly Hatchet Beating The Odds $5.00
Molly Hatchet No Guts, No Glory $10.00
Money, Eddie $10.00
Money, Eddie Life for the Taking $5.00
Monkees Headquarters $10.00
Monro, Matt Best $7.00
Monroe, Bill Country Music Hall Of Fame $15.00
Montana I Love Music Disco $10.00
Monte, Lou Sings For You $10.00
Montez, Chris Follin’ Around $7.00
Montgomery, Mella The Greatest Gift Of All Jazz $5.00
Montomery, Wes Just Walkin’ Jazz $12.00
Monty Python Matching Tie & Handkerchief Comedy $7.00
Monty Python Another Monty Python Record Comedy $10.00
Moody Blues A Question of Balance $12.00
Moody Blues Days Of Future Passed $15.00
Moody Blues Every Good Boy Deserves A Favour $5.00
Moody Blues Every Good Boy Deserves favour Australia import $10.00
Moody Blues Every Good Boy Deserves Favour $7.00
Moody Blues Octave $7.00
Moody Blues Seventh Sojourn $5.00
Moody Blues Seventh Sojurn $7.00
Moody Blues The Present $5.00
Moody Blues The Present $10.00
Moody Blues To Our Children’s Children’s Children Australia import $7.00
Moody. Blues Long Distance Voyager $5.00
Mooney, Joe The Happiness of Joe Mooney Jazz $15.00
Moore, Dorothy Definitely Dorothy Soul $5.00
Moore, Jackie I’m On My Way Soul, disco $5.00
Moore, Tim $5.00
Moraz, Patrick Story of I $5.00
Moraz, Patrick Out In The Sun $5.00
Morgan, Jane & The Troubadors Fascination Jazz $10.00
Morgan, Russ Golden Favorites $3.00
Morning Glory Two Suns Worth Psych rock $12.00
Morrison, Van Hard Nose The Highway $15.00
Morrison, Van Saint Domincs $25.00
Morrison, Van Saint Domincs $25.00
Morrison, Van Beautiful Vision $10.00
Motels All Four One $7.00
Motels All Four One $7.00
Mother Earth Living With The Animals $12.00
Mothers of Invention Overnight Sensation $15.00
Mothers Of Invention Burnt Weeny Sandwich $35.00
Mothers of Invention Uncle Meat 2LP $15.00
Mothers of Invention – Frank Zappa Mother Mania $25.00
Mott The Hoople The Hoople $7.00
Mott The Hoople Live $5.00
Mountain Nantucket Sleighride $30.00
Mozart Symphony No.40, G minor Classical $7
Mozian, Roger King Just Mozian Along… $5.00
Mr. Acker Bilk A Stranger No More Dixieland $5.00
Mr. Acker Bilk A Stranger No More Dixieland $5.00
Mr. Flood’s Party $25.00
Mrs. Miller Greatest Hits $5.00
Müller, Werner Holiday In Rio Latin, jazz $7.00
Mulligan, Gerry The Age Of Steam $7.00
Mundell Lowe Quartet $50.00
Murray, Anne A Little Good News $5.00
Murray, Anne Greatest Hits $5.00
Murray, Anne Last Thing on my Mind $5.00
Murray, Anne Greatest Hits $5.00
Murray, Anne Greatest Hits $5.00
Music Music $7.00
Musselwhite, Charlie Lousianna Fog $25.00
Mutabaruka Check It! $12.00
Naked Raygun Throb Throb Punk $40.00
Naughton, David Makin’ It 12″ $5.00
Nazareth No Mean City $15.00
Negrete, Jorge Fiesta Mexicana Español $7.00
Negrete, Jorge El Charro Inolvidable Vol lll Español, ranchera $5.00
Negrete, Jorge Así Cantaba Jorge Negrete Vol. I Español, ranchera $10.00
Negrete, Jorge Vol. V Español $10.00
Negrete, Jorge El Hijo Del Pueblo Español $10.00
Nelson, Ricky Legendary Master Series Double Record $7.00
Nelson, Willie Stardust $10.00
Nero, Peter Plays Born Fire And Others $5.00
Nero, Peter This Is Peter Nero $7.00
Nero, Peter The World Of Peter Nero Jazz $5.00
Nero, Peter Piano Forte Jazz $5.00
Nero, Peter Midnight Cowboy Jazz $7.00
Nero, Peter Music Festival Of Hits Jazz, sealed $5.00
Nero, Peter Young And Warm And Wonderful Jazz $7.00
Nevins, Al Lights And Shadows Jazz $5.00
New Christy Minstrels Merry Christmas! Christmas $5.00
New Christy Minstrels Exciting New Folk Chorus $5.00
New Seekers The Best of $10.00
New Seekers We’d Like to Teach the World to Sing White Label Demo $3.00
New Seekers Circles White Label Demo $5.00
New Seekers Beautiful People $5.00
Newly, Anthony In My Solitude $7.00
Newton John, Olivia Physical 80’s $7
Newton, Juice Quiet Lies $5.00
Newton, Wayne Can’t You Hear the Song? $7.00
Newton, Wayne In Person! $7.00
Nice, The Autumn to Springs $5.00
Nichols, Mike An Evening With Comedy $7.00
Nicks, Stevie The Wild at Heart $15.00
Niles, John Jacob American Folk and Gamblin Songs Folk $10.00
Nilsson The Point $25.00
Nilsson Nilsson Schmilsson $20.00
Nilsson, Harry
A Little Touch of Schmilsson In The Night
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Dirt Silver and Gold 3x vinyl $15.00
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Plain Dirt Fashion $5.00
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Symphonian Dream $15.00
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy $15.00
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Ricochet $7.00
No Doubt About It Hot Chocolate 12″ $5.00
Nocturna Soundtrack $12.00
Norman, Larry Upon This Rock $30.00
O’Donnell, Ace Honky Tonk Piano $3.00
OC Smith Hickory Holler Revisited $5.00
Ocean, Billy Love Zone $5.00
Ocean, Billy Suddenly $5.00
Odetta Sings Ballads And Blues Blues $10.00
Odetta Odetta At Carnegie Hall Blues $7.00
Ohio Express Special Mix Promo $7.00
OJM Under the Thunder Tour $5.00
OJM Volcano $5.00
Olatunji $12.00
Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells $7.00
Oliver, Jane First Night $5.00
Ollie Mitchell’s Sunday Band Blast Off Jazz $12.00
Orlando, Tony Bring It On Home $15.00
Orlando, Tony Livin’ For The Music $5.00
Orlando, Tony Greatest Hits $5.00
Orlando, Tony Greatest Hits $5.00
Orlando, Tony Candida $5.00
Orlando, Tony & Dawn Tuneweaving $5.00
Osmond, Donnie Portrait of $5.00
Outcasts Blood and Thunder Punk $15.00
Outlaws Lady In Waiting $5.00
Outsiders Time Won’t Let Me $15.00
Outsiders In $7.00
OXO $5.00
Ozark Mountain Daredevils Ozark Mountain Daredevils $5.00
Pablo Cruise Part Of The Game $5.00
Pablo Cruise Worlds Away $5.00
Pablo Cruise $5.00
Papagika, Marika $15.00
Parker, Dennis Like An Eagle Disco $7.00
Parker, Ray Jr. The Other Woman $5.00
Parks, Michael Blue $5.00
Parton, Dolly Think About Love $7.00
Partridge Family, The Shopping Bag $5.00
Passport Blue Tattoo Jazz $5.00
Patrick, Keith Disco $5.00
Paul Clark & Friends Good To Be Home Gospel $5.00
Paul Revere & The Raiders All Time Greatest Hits 2LP $7.00
Paul, Les The Les Paul Trio $10.00
Paul, Les Hits of Les And Mary $5.00
Paul, Les & Mary Ford $15.00
Paul, Les & Mary Ford Warm & Wonderful $10.00
Paul, Les & Mary Ford Now $10.00
Paul, Les & Trio Hits $7.00
Paxton, Tom Ain’t That News $5.00
Paycheck, Johnny Heartbreak, Tenn. $7.00
Payne, Freda Stares And Whispers Disco $12.00
Payne, Freda Payne & Pleasure Soul $10.00
Payne, Freda Supernatural High Disco, funk $15.00
Pedergrass, Teddy $5.00
Pee Wee & Fingers Ragtime $5.00
Pee Wee Erwin’s Dixieland Eight Oh Play That Thing Jazz $7.00
Peel, David and The Lower East Side Have A Marijuana $20.00
Pell, Dave Getting Sentimental Over You Jazz $5.00
Pendergrass, Teddy Love Language $5.00
People’s Choice We Got The Rhythm Disco, promo $10.00
Persuaders, The It’s All About Love Blues $5.00
Peter and Gorden I Go To Pieces $10.00
Peter and Gorden Woman $5.00
Peter and Gorden The Best Of $5.00
Peter, Paul and Mary (Ten) Years Together $5.00
Peter, Paul, & Mary (Ten) Years Togther $5.00
Peter, Paul, & Mary Best of $10.00
Peterson, Oscar Tracks Jazz $7.00
Peterson, Oscar Hello Herbie Jazz $7.00
Petrol Emotion Babble $10.00
Philidelphia Orchestra The Moldau Classical $5
Pied Pipers, The Singin’ & Swingin’ Jazz $7.00
Pierre Moerlen’s Gong Time Is The Key $10.00
Plant, Robert Shaken n Stirred $7.00
Plant, Robert Shaken, Not Stirred $7.00
Plant, Robert The Principle of Moments $10.00
Platters, The The Platters $7.00
Platters, The $5.00
Platters, The Encore of Golden Hits $7.00
Platters, The 30 Golden Hits $7.00
Pockets Come Go With Us $5.00
Poco A Good Feelin To Know $7.00
Pointer Sisters $5.00
Pointer Sisters Neutron Dance 12″ $5.00
Pointer Sisters Special Things $5.00
Pointer Sisters Steppin’ $5.00
Pointer Sisters Black & White $5.00
Pointer Sisters Black & White $5.00
Poison 13 First You Dream… $7.00
Police Ghost in the Machine $20.00
Poll Winners Of 1940, The The Golden Age Of The Dance Bands Jazz, swing $5.00
Pollution Heir:Pollution $15.00
Ponty, Jean-Luc A Taste For Passion Jazz $5.00
Ponty, Jean-Luc Aurora Jazz $5.00
Pops, Boston & Fiedler, Arthur 10 Other Leroy Anderson Favorites Jazz $5.00
POWER Rock… “Direct-To-Disc” $7.00
Presley, Elvis A Legendary Performer Vol. 2 $7.00
Presley, Elvis Christmas $10.00
Presley, Elvis Golden Records $10.00
Presley, Elvis His Songs of Inspiration $7.00
Presley, Elvis His Songs of Inspiration $7.00
Presley, Elvis Now $10.00
Presley, Elvis On Stage $10.00
Presley, Elvis Let’s Be Friends $7.00
Previn, Andre Like Love Jazz $5.00
Price, Ray The Same Old Me $5.00
Pride, Charley After All This Time $5.00
Prima, Louis The Wildest Show At Tahoe $10.00
Procol Harum Broken Barricades Sealed $12.00
Procol Harum A Whiter Shade of Pale $20.00
Pure Prairie League Bustin’ Out $5.00
Pure Prarie League Bustin’ Out $5.00
Purim, Flora Carry On Latin, jazz $5.00
Quarterflash Take Another Picture $5.00
Quicksilver Messenger Service $15.00
Quicksilver Messenger Service Just For Love $10.00
Quiksilver Happy Trails $10.00
Quiksilver Messenger Service $15.00
Quinn, Carmel Arthur Godfrey Presents Celtic $7.00
Quinn, Carmel Arthur Godfrey Presents Celtic Music $7.00
Radiators Law of The Fish $5.00
RadioLA Radio Band Remotes Jazz $7.00
Rainbow Soft Camp Rock $5.00
Raitt, Bonnie Home Plate $7.00
Ramatam Psych rock $7.00
Ramsey, Willis Alan Country $15.00
Randolph, Boots Hip Boots $5.00
Randolph, Boots Knightsbridge $5.00
Randolph, Boots Hip Boots $5.00
Randolph, Boots Hip Boots $5.00
Rankin, Kenny Hiding In Myself $5.00
Rankin, Kenny Like A Seed $5.00
Rankin, Kenny The Album $5.00
Rare Earth Willie Remembers $5.00
Rare Earth One World $5.00
Rare Earth Get Ready $15.00
Rascals Freedom Suite 2LP $7.00
Rascals, The See $5.00
Ray Charles Singers, The Forever Yours Jazz $5.00
Ray, Johnnie $5.00
Rea, Chris Dancing With Strangers $7.00
Red Garland Trio Equinox Jazz $7.00
Red Shadow Live At The Panacea Hilton $10.00
Redbone Message From A Drum $7.00
Redbone, Leon Champagne Charlie Ragtime, blues $7.00
Redbone, Leon On The Track Blues $5.00
Reddy, Helen I Am Woman $5.00
Redeye $5.00
Reed, H. Owen La Fiesta Mexicana World, classical $7.00
Rees, D.J. In Stereo $7.00
Reeves, Jim Gentleman Jim Country $5.00
Reiner, Carl & Brooks, Mel 2000 And Thirteen Comedy $5.00
REO Speedwagon Ridin’ the Storm Out $10.00
Rey, Alvino Swingin’ Fling Jazz $10.00
Rhodes, Emitt Mirror $10.00
Rhythm Heritage Last Night On Earth Disco $5.00
Rich, Buddy The Roar Of ’74 Jazz $20.00
Richie, Lionel $5.00
Richie, Lionel Can’t Slow Down White Label Promo $12.00
Ridgway, Stan The Big Heat $7.00
Righteous Brothers Souled Out $5.00
Righteous Brothers Right Now $7.00
Righteous Brothers Some Blue-Eyed Soul Surface noise $5.00
Righteous Brothers Greatest Hits $5.00
Righteous Brothers Go Ahead and Cry $5.00
Riley, C. Jeannie Harper Valley P.T.A. $7.00
Riley, Jeannie C. Yearbooks and Yesterdays $7.00
Rip Chords Hey Little Cobra $5.00
Riperton, Minnie Love Lives Forever Sealed $12.00
Ritenour, Lee Rit $5.00
Ritenour, Lee Captain Fingers $7.00
Ritter, Tex Blood on the Saddle $5.00
Rivers, Johnny Rewind $5.00
Rivers, Johnny A Touch Of Gold Slightly torn sleeve $5.00
Robbins, Marty Portrait Of Marty Country $7.00
Robert, Rick Windmills Promo, folk $5.00
Robeson, Paul In Live Performance $7.00
Robillard, Duke Swing Jazz $5.00
Robinson, Andy Patterns of Reality Sealed $15.00
Robinson, Smokey Warm Thoughts $5.00
Robinson, Smokey Smoke Signals $5.00
Rockets Turn On The Radio $5.00
Rockpile Seconds Of Pleasure $10.00
Rodgers, Jimmie Honeycomb $5.00
Rogers, Eric The Music Of Leonard Bernstein $10.00
Rogers, Kenny 10 Years of Gold $5.00
Rogers, Kenny Daytime Friends $5.00
Rogers, Kenny Greatest Hits $5.00
Rogers, Kenny Kenny $7.00
Rogers, Kenny We’ve Got Tonight $5.00
Rogers, Roy Happy Trails To You $7.00
Rolling Stones Out of Our Heads Mono $20.00
Rolling Stones Some Girls 1st Version $35.00
Rolling Stones Flowers $35.00
Rollins Band Do It Hardcore $50.00
Ronstadt, Linda A Retrospective $7.00
Ronstadt, Linda Living In The USA $7.00
Ronstadt, Linda Living In The USA $7.00
Ronstadt, Linda Prisoner on Disguise $5.00
Ronstadt, Linda Prisoner on Disguise $5.00
Ross, Diana Diana Ross $7.00
Ross, Diana Baby It’s Me $7.00
Rozsa, Miklos Ben-Hur Deluxe Includes booklet $10.00
Ruben & The Jets / Mother’s Of Invention Cruisin with Ruben & The Jets $25.00
Rudy Love & The Love Family $35.00
Rugolo, Pete Rugolomania Jazz $5.00
Rundgren, Todd Hermit Of Mink Hollow $7.00
Rundgren, Todd Hermit of Mink Hollow $7.00
Rush Grace Under Pressure $12.00
Russell, Leon And The Shelter People $7.00
Russell, Leon Live $10.00
Russell, Leon Stop All That Jazz $5.00
Russell, Leon $12.00
Russell, Leon Carney Taiwan Import $12.00
Russell, Leon Will O’ The Wisp $7.00
Russell, Leon Carney $7.00
Russell, Pee Wee Dixieland All Stars 2LP, jazz $5.00
Russell, Pee Wee Dixieland All Stars Jazz – Double $5.00
Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels Breakout $10.00
Saint Tropez Belle De Jour $7.00
Salloom-Sinclair Cadet Concept $7.00
San Sebastian Springs Winter $5.00
Sanborn, David Heart to Heart $5.00
Sanchez, Cuco Cuando Estoy Contigo / Love In Mexico Español $15.00
Sandburg, Carl Flat Rock Ballads Jazz $10.00
Sandpipers Spanish Album Jazz $7
Sandpipers Guantanamera Latin $5
Sanford Townsend Band $5.00
Santa Esmerelda The House of the Rising Sun $5.00
Santana Welcome $7.00
Santana Welcome $10.00
Savoy Brown …A Step Further $10.00
Savoy Brown Getting to the Point $20.00
Savoy Brown Savage Return $10.00
Savoy Brown Street Corner Talking $12.00
Savoy Brown Blue Matter $15.00
Savoy Brown Looking In Missing jacket $3.00
Sayer, Leo Endless Flight $5.00
Scaggs, Boz And Band $5.00
Scaggs, Boz Down Two Then Left $5.00
Scaggs, Boz Moments $5.00
Scaggs, Boz My Time $5.00
Scaggs, Boz My Time $7.00
Scaggs, Boz Silk Degrees $12.00
Scaggs, Boz Slow Dancer $5.00
Scaggs, Boz $5.00
Schafer, Kermit Pardon My Blooper! Comedy $5.00
Schloss, Cynthia Country Reggae $10.00
Schock, Harriet Hollywood Town $5.00
Schubert Unfinished Symphony $5.00
Schuur, Diane Schuur Thing $12.00
Scot, Patricia Once Around The Clock Jazz $15.00
Sea Level On The Edge $5.00
Sea Level Cats On The Coast Sealed $5.00
Seals & Croft I’ll Play For You $5.00
Sebastian, John Cheapo-Cheapo Presents Real Live $5.00
Sedaka, Neil Singer, Songwriter, Melody Maker $5.00
Sedaka, Neil Pure Gold $7.00
Sedaka, Neil Sings His Greatest Hits $10.00
Sedaka, Neil Pure Gold $10.00
Sedaka, Neil The Hungry Years $10.00
Seeger, Pete Golden Slumbers Childrens $10.00
Seger, Bob Night Moves $15.00
Seger, Bob Against The Wind $10.00
Seger, Bob Night Moves $10.00
Seger, Bob Ramblin Gamblin Man $20.00
Seger, Bob Night Moves $10.00
Sellers, Maxine Folk Songs $7.00
Sembello, Michael Bossa Nova Hotel $5.00
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 Herb Alpert Presents $7.00
Service, Robert Robert Service Recites Spoken word $7.00
Severinsen, Doc High-Wide & Wonderfuk $5.00
Shalamar Right In The Socket 12″ $5.00
Shanana Rock and Roll is Here to Stay $5.00
Shanana Is Here To Stay $5.00
Shankar, L. Touch Me There Jazz, progressive $15.00
Shankti with John McLaughlin Natural Elements $7.00
Shankti with John McLaughlin $5.00
Shannana The Golden Age of Rock n Roll $5.00
Shaw, Artie Black Magic $5.00
Shaw, Artie Best Of Jazz $5.00
Shaw, Artie Best Of Jazz $5.00
Shaw, Artie Best Of Jazz $5.00
Shaw, Artie Best Of Jazz $5.00
Shaw, Artie Moonglow Jazz $10.00
Shaw, Artie Moonglow Jazz $10.00
Shearing & Wilson The Swingin’s Mutual! $10.00
Shearing, George Quintet Jazz $7.00
Shearing, George Blue Chiffon Jazz $7.00
Shearing, George Latin Escapade Jazz, mambo $5.00
Shearing, George Black Satin Jazz, swing $5.00
Sherman, Allan
Sings Nutty Things, This Time With Strings
Sherman, Billy The Folk Singer $5.00
Shriekback Go Bang! $5.00
Shurtleff, Jeffrey State Farm Folk $10.00
Simmons, Patrick Arcade $5.00
Simon & Garfunkel Parsely Sage Rosemary and Thyme $10.00
Simon, Carly Come Upstairs $5.00
Simon, Carly Coming Around Again $5.00
Simon, Carly Hotcakes $5.00
Simon, Carly Spy $5.00
Simon, Carly The Best of $7.00
Simon, Carly Spy $5.00
Simon, Pauk There Goes Rhymin’ Simon $10.00
Simon, Paul Still Crazy After All These Years White Label Promo $25.00
Simon, Paul One Trick Pony $7.00
Sinatra, Frank Can Can Soundtrack $10.00
Sinatra, Frank I Remember Tommy $7.00
Sinatra, Frank Only The Lonely $10.00
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra & Strings $7.00
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra at The Sands $35.00
Sinatra, Frank The Select Johnny Mercer $10.00
Sinatra, Nancy Movin’ With Nancy $10.00
Sister Sledge All American Girls $5.00
Skeeter Davis + Bobby Bare Tunes for Two $10.00
Skip Castro Band You’re Killing Me Slight warp, plays ok $5.00
Sloppy Daniels Laff Of The Party Vol 5 Comedy $10.00
Small Faces The History Of Small Faces $10.00
Smith, O.C. At Home $12.00
Smothers Brothers Think ethnic! Comedy $5.00
Smothers Brothers Curb your Tongue, Knave Comedy $5.00
Sneaker Sneaker $5.00
Sommers, Joanie Johnny Get Angry Mono $10.00
Sommers, Pierre Holiday Abroad in Paris 50’s Pop $20
Sonny & Cher Baby Don’t Go $15.00
Sonny & Cher Look At Us $7.00
Sonny + Cher In Case You’e In Love $10.00
Sons of Champlin Loosen Up Naturally $10.00
Sons of Champlin Welcome to the Dance $10.00
Soundtrack Allegro $5.00
Soundtrack Americathon $5.00
Soundtrack An American Tale $7.00
Soundtrack Around the World $5.00
Soundtrack Arthur $5.00
Soundtrack Ben-Hur $10.00
Soundtrack Born Free $5.00
Soundtrack E.T. Warped $5.00
Soundtrack Exodus $5.00
Soundtrack Exodus $5.00
Soundtrack Flashdance $7.00
Soundtrack Flashdance $7.00
Soundtrack Funny Lady $5.00
Soundtrack Funny Lady $5.00
Soundtrack Gigi $5.00
Soundtrack Gone With The Wind $5.00
Soundtrack Great Hollywood Hits $5.00
Soundtrack Great Western Film Themes Vol. II $7.00
Soundtrack Hair $7.00
Soundtrack Jesus Christ Superstar $10.00
Soundtrack Jesus Christ Superstar $10.00
Soundtrack Kismet $5.00
Soundtrack Let My People Come $7.00
Soundtrack Lolita, My Love $30.00
Soundtrack Man Of La Mancha $5.00
Soundtrack Man Of La Mancha $10.00
Soundtrack Midnight Express $5.00
Soundtrack Midnight Express $7.00
Soundtrack Miss Piggy’s Aerobique Instructional (LOL) $7.00
More Little Miss Wonderful – Shirley Temple
Soundtrack My Fair Lady $5.00
Soundtrack Nashville $5.00
Soundtrack Nashville $5.00
Soundtrack Obsession Jazz $10.00
Soundtrack Oliver! $5.00
Soundtrack One on One Seals & Croft $5.00
Soundtrack Pirate Movie $25.00
Soundtrack Rat Race $5.00
Soundtrack Razzle Dazzle 12″ $5.00
Soundtrack Runaways $5.00
Soundtrack Ryan’s Daughter $7.00
Soundtrack South Pacific $10.00
Soundtrack Swingin’ On Broadway $5.00
Soundtrack The Blue Lagoon Sealed $10.00
Soundtrack The Chairman $5.00
Soundtrack The Graduate $10.00
Soundtrack The Graduate $10.00
Soundtrack Two For The Road $5.00
Soundtrack West Side Story $7.00
Soundtrack Wild in the Streets $7.00
Soundtrack Woman Of The Year $5.00
Soundtrack Xanadu $7.00
Soundtrack Zorba The Greek $5.00
Soundtrack Charade Mancini, Henry $30.00
Soundtrack Michael Todd’s Around The World In 80 Days Raymond, Lew $5.00
Soundtrack The Sound Of Music Misprint, includes booklet $12.00
Soundtrack My Fair Lady $5
Soundtrack Oklahoma! $5
Soundtrack The King and I $5
Soundtrack West Side Story $5
Soundtrack West Side Story $5
Soundtrack Breakfast at Tiffany’s $12
Soundtrack Camelot $5
Soundtrack Camelot $5
Soundtrack The Benny Goodman Story, Vol 1 $7
Soundtrack The Themes from Cleopatra $5
Soundtrack Never on Sunday $5
Soundtrack Doctor Zhivago $5
Soundtrack Porgy and Bess $5
Soundtrack South Pacific $5
Soundtrack South Pacific $5
South, Joe Greatest Hits Vol. 1 $5.00
Southside Johnny & Asbury Jukes The Jukes Sealed $7.00
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes Love Is a Sacrifice $7.00
Spheeris, Jimmie The Dragon Is Dancing $10.00
Spirit Clear $7.00
Spirit Clear Spirit $10.00
Spirit The Family That Plays Together $20.00
Spirit 2LP $10.00
Spirit The Family That Plays Together $20.00
Spivak, Charlie The Country Club Dance $5.00
Spizzles Spikey Dream Flowers $5.00
Spooky Tooth So I Busted Your Jaw Promo $12.00
Spooky Tooth You Broke My Heart $7.00
Springfield, Rick Hard to Hold $5.00
Springfield, Rick Working Class Dog $12.00
Springfield, Rick Living In Oz $5.00
Springfield, Rick Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet $5.00
Springfield, Rick Working Class Dog $12.00
Springfield, Rick Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet $5.00
Springfields Silver Threads $7.50
Springsteen, Bruce The River $15.00
Springsteen, Bruce The River $15.00
Spryo Gyra Catching The Sun $5.00
Spyro Gyra Morning Dance $5.00
Spyro Gyra Catching The Sun Jazz $5.00
Spyro Gyra Catching The Sun Jazz $5.00
Squier, Billy Emotions In Motion $7.00
Stampley, Joe Soul Song $5.00
Stand In Line 805 $5.00
Staple Singers Be Altitude: Respect Yourself $15.00
Staples, Mavis Time Waits For No One $10.00
Stapleton, Cyril Crown Jewels Jazz $7.00
Stapleton, Cyril Crown Jewels Jazz $7.00
Starland Vocal Band $5.00
Starr, Kay Movin’ $7.00
Starr, Kay Kay Starr: Jazz Singer Jazz $7.00
Starr, Ringo Sentimental Journey $15.00
Starr, Ringo Goodnight Vienna $10.00
Steagall, Red Hang On Feelin’ Country $5.00
Steeleye Span Story, The Original Masters $5.00
Steely Dan Countdown to Ectasy $15.00
Steely Dan Gaucho $20.00
Steely Dan Countdown To Ectasy $20.00
Steppenwolf $15.00
Steppenwolf Monster $10.00
Steppenwolf The Second $10.00
Steppenwolf Live at the Matrix $7.00
Steppenwolf For Ladies Only $10.00
Steppenwolf Live $7.00
Stepphenwolf 7 $7.00
Stepphenwolf The Second $7.00
Stepphenwolf Monster $5.00
Stepphenwolf At Your Birthday Party $7.00
Stepphenwolf Stepphenwolf $10.00
Stereo Workshop The Fourth Dimension In Sound Jazz $7.00
Steve Miller Band Book of Dreams $7.00
Steve Miller Band Brave New World $7.00
Steve Miller Band Children of the Future $10.00
Steve Miller Band Number 5 $7.00
Steve Miller Band Sailor $15.00
Steve Miller Band Sailor $20.00
Steve Miller Band Your Saving Grace $10.00
Steve Morse Band Stand Up $10.00
Stevens, Cat Buddha And The Chocolate Box $7.00
Stevens, Cat Catch Bull at Four $7.00
Stevens, Cat Catch Bull At Four White Label Promo $7.00
Stevens, Cat Foreigner $5.00
Stevens, Jon Promo $10.00
Stewart, Al Modern Times $5.00
Stewart, John & Ford, Buffy Signals Through The Glass Psych Rock $12.00
Stewart, Rod A Night on the Town $5.00
Stewart, Rod Baby Jane Quiex II $7.00
Stewart, Rod Blondes Have More Fun $5.00
Stewart, Rod Body Wishes $5.00
Stewart, Rod Camouflage $5.00
Stewart, Rod Every Picture Tells a Story $9.00
Stewart, Rod Foolish Behavior $5.00
Stewart, Rod Never A Dull Moment $7.00
Stewart, Rod Smiler $5.00
Stills, Stephen Manassas $10.00
Stills, Stephen Stills $5.00
Stills, Stephen Stephen Stills $5.00
Stills, Stephen Right by You $5.00
Stills, Stephen $7.00
Stills, Stephen Stephen Stills 2 $5.00
Stokowski, Leopold Pictures At An Exhibition Jazz $7.00
Stokowski, Lepold Mahler: Ressurection Symphony $15.00
Stone Poneys Evergreen $35.00
Stonebolt $5.00
Stratas, Teresa The Unknown Kurt Weill $5.00
Strawberry Alarm Clock Incense & Peppermints $35.00
Strawbs Grave New World Prog rock, White Label Promo $40.00
Stray Cats Build For Speed $15.00
Stray Cats Built For Speed Sleeve damaged, record ok $15.00
Streisand & Kristofferson A Star Is Born $5.00
Streisand & Kristofferson A Star Is Born $5.00
Streisand, Barbara Emotion $5.00
Streisand, Barbara Guilty $5.00
Streisand, Barbara Guilty $5.00
Streisand, Barbara Guilty $7.00
Streisand, Barbara Je M’Appelle $7.00
Streisand, Barbara Lazy Afternoon $5.00
Streisand, Barbara Lazy Afternoon $5.00
Streisand, Barbara Lazy Afternoon $5.00
Streisand, Barbara Live Concert At The Forum $5.00
Streisand, Barbara Live Concert At The Forum $5.00
Streisand, Barbara My Name Is Barbara $5.00
Streisand, Barbara My Name Is Barbra $5.00
Streisand, Barbara My Name Is Barbra $5.00
Streisand, Barbara People $7.00
Streisand, Barbara Stoney End $5.00
Streisand, Barbara Stoney End $5.00
Streisand, Barbara Stoney End $7.00
Streisand, Barbara The Album $10.00
Streisand, Barbara The Broadway Album $7.00
Streisand, Barbara The Second Album $7.00
Streisand, Barbara The Third Album $5.00
Streisand, Barbara The Third Album $7.00
Streisand, Barbara The Way We Were $7.00
Streisand, Barbara Wet $5.00
Streisand, Barbara Wet $5.00
Stuarti, Enzo A Tribute to Mario Lanza $5.00
Styx The Grand Illusion $7.00
Styx The Grand Illusion $7.00
Styx Paradise Theatre Laser Etched $10.00
Styx Cornerstone $5.00
Sugarloaf Spaceship Earth $10.00
Supersa Plays Bird Supersax Plays Bird Jazz $5.00
Supertramp Famous Last Words $7.00
Supertramp Paris Double $10.00
Supremes More Hits By $5.00
Surman, Skidmore, Oxley Jazz In Britain ’68-’69 Rare, jazz $125.00
Survivor Caught In The Game $7.00
Sykes, Keith The Way That I Feel $7.00
Syms, Sylvia The Fabulous Sylvia Syms Jazz $12.00
Syms, Sylvia Sings Jazz $20.00
Syms, Sylvia The Fabulous Sylvia Syms Jazz $12.00
Syms, Sylvia Sings Jazz $20.00
T Square Truth Promo $7.00
T’Pau T’Pau $5.00
Tappen, Ashley Plays Organ Favorites Jazz $10.00
Tar Babies, The Respect Your Nightmare $15.00
Tatum, Art $10.00
Taylor, I Want To Be A Clone $7.00
Taylor, James Flag $7.00
Taylor, James One Man Dog $7.00
Taylor, James $5.00
Taylor, Johnnie Best of the Old and the New $15.00
Tchaikovsky The Pathetique Classical $5
Tchaikovsky 1812 Festival Overture Classical $7
Tchaïkovsky, Pyotr Ilyich Symphony No. 4 In F Minor Op. 36 Classical, sealed $12.00
Temple, Shirley Little Miss Wonderful $7.00
Temptations A Song For You $7.00
Ten Years After A Space In Time Quadraphonic $20.00
Ten Years After Recorded Live $5.00
Ten Years After Rock & Roll Music To The World $5.00
Ten Years After $20.00
Ten Years After Watt $12.00
Ten Years After $20.00
Ten Years After Stonehenge $15.00
Ten Years After Undead $15.00
Ten Years After A Space in Time $15.00
Ten Years After Ssssh $7.00
Thaxton, Lloyd Greatest Dance Hits Soul $10.00
The McGuire Sisters Chris, Phyllis And Dottie Sleeve damaged, record ok $5.00
The New Vaudeville Band Winchester Cathedral Jazz $7.00
Theatre of Hate He Who Dares Wins $5.00
Thee Image Inside The Triangle $7.00
Thielemans, Toots Contrasts Jazz $7.00
Thomas, B.J. The Best of $5.00
Thomas, BJ Greatest Hits $5.00
Thomas, BJ Home Where I Belong $5.00
Thomas, BJ Songs Sealed $5.00
Thomas, Marlo Free To Be You And Me $10.00
Three Dog Night $5.00
Three Dog Night Naturally $7.00
Three Dog Night Harmony $5.00
Three Dog Night Golden Bisquits $5.00
Three Dog Night It Ain’t Easy PG version $7.00
Three Dog Night One $7.00
Three Dog Night Cyan $5.00
Three Dog Night Around The World $7.00
Three Dog Night It Ain’t Easy $5.00
Three Suns One Enchated Evening Jazz $5.00
Three Suns, The Dancing On A Cloud $7.00
Three Suns, The Having A Ball With The Three Suns Jazz $5.00
Thunderclap Newman Hollywood Dream $15.00
Til Tuesday Welcome Home $7.00
Tillis, Mel 24 Greatest Hits Country $5.00
Tin House Tin House $50.00
Tingling Mother’s Circus A Circus of the Mind Psych rock $20.00
Todd, Michael Around The World In 30 Days $5.00
Tomita Hot Tomita $5.00
Tomita Canon Of The Three Stars $5.00
Tomita Bolero $5.00
Tomita Kosmos $5.00
Tomita Snowflakes Are Dancing $5.00
Tomlin, Lily This Is A Recording Comedy $5.00
Tommy Tuotone Tommy Tuotone-2 $10.00
Tompal & The Glaser Bros Now Country $7.50
Tompall & The Glaser Brothers Vocal Group of The Decade $5.00
Toto IV $20.00
Toto Toto $7.00
Tower Of Power Back to Oakland $15.00
Tower of Power Bump City $15.00
Townshed, Pete Deep End Live! $10.00
Towrer of Power East Grease Bay $25.00
Traces Classics IV $15.00
Traffic When The Eagle Flies $5.00
Traffic Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory $7.00
Traffic The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys $10.00
Traffic Last Exit $7.00
Traffic Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory $7.00
Trammps Mixin It Up $5.00
Trammps Trammps $5.00
Trammps Disco Inferno Disco $7.00
Trammps Disco Inferno Disco $7.00
Trammps Disco Champs Disco $5.00
Trammps Slipping Out Disco $5.00
Trammps Slipping Out Disco $5.00
Trammps Slipping Out Disco $5.00
Trammps, The Disco Inferno Writing on cover $5.00
Travers, Pat $7.00
Travolta, John Travolta Fever 2LP $7.00
Trio Tariácuri Lo Mejor de Jose Alfredo Jimenez Español, mariachi $10.00
Trio Tariácuri Huapangos Español $10.00
Triumvirat Illusions on a Double Dimple $7.00
Triumvirat Spartacus $7.00
Trombones Unlimited One Of Those Songs Jazz $7.00
Trombones Unlimited One Of Those Songs Jazz $7.00
Trower, Robin Bridge of Sighs $7.00
Trower, Robin In City Dreams $10.00
Trower, Robin Bridges of Sighs $5.00
Trower, Robin For Earth Below $5.00
Truth Live Standing Room Only Spiritual, gospel $7.00
Turner, Tina & Ike and The Ikettes Come Together $10.00
Turtles Happy Together $10.00
Twisters Doin The Twist $5.00
Twitty, Conway #1’s Country $5.00
Twitty, Conway Borderline Country $7.00
Tymes Tymes Up $5.00
U.K. Danger Money $5.00
U.K. Night After Night LIVE! $7.00
U.K. $7.00
UFO No Heavy Petting $20.00
UFO Phenomenon $40.00
Uggams, Leslie Try to See It My Way $10.00
Uggams, Leslie Leslie Uggams $7.00
Ultimate Promo $5.00
Unicorn Blue Pine Tree Produced by David Gilmore $20.00
Union Gap Woman, Woman $7.00
Uriah Heep Demons and Wizards Sealed $15.00
Uriah Heep The Magicians Birthday $7.00
Uriah Heep Wonderworld $7.00
Uriah Heep Salisbury $10.00
Uriah Heep Uriah Heep Live $10.00
USA For Africa We Are The World Soft rock $7.00
Valente, Caterina A Date With World, samba, cubana, 10″ rare $25.00
Valli, Frankie Frankie Valli Is The Word $5.00
Van Halen Women & Children First $25.00
Vaness Bad Bad Boy $5.00
Vangelis Heaven and Hell $7.00
Vanilla Fudge $7.00
Vanilla Fudge $15.00
Vanilla Fudge Near the Beginning $7.00
Vanilla Fudge Rock & Roll $10.00
Vanity Skin on Skin $7.00
Various 20 Years Of Beautiful Music $5.00
Various 40 Great Folk Songs $5.00
Various Arizona Sounds Vol. i Country compilation $5.00
Various Back To Cool $3.00
Various Best of ’66 $5.00
Various Best of Blue Note Jazz compilation $15.00
Various Big Band Theme Songs $7.00
Various Big Bands And All That Jazz Jazz $5.00
Various Big Bands And All That Jazz Jazz $5.00
Various Block Buster K-Tel compilation $5.00
Various Cinderella $7.00
Various Contenental And Argentine Tangos $7.00
Various Disco Duck Dance Party $7.00
Various Disney’s Story of Black Beauty $5.00
Various Explosive! $5.00
Various Fiddlers Greatest Hits $5.00
Various Film Classics $5.00
Various Flick Themes ’71 $5.00
Various Fox In Socks / Green Eggs And Ham Misc, Dr. Seuss $12.00
Various Fox Trots $7.00
Various Goofy Greats $5.00
Various Greatest Western Hits No. 2 $5.00
Various Homegrown Brand Greatest Hits $5.00
Various Hootenanny Party-Pak Folk compilation $7.00
Various Hot Super 20 $5.00
Various How Much is the Dog in the Window? $5.00
Various If I Ran The Zoo / Sleep Book Misc, Dr. Seuss $12.00
Various Master Works For Organ $5.00
Various Maxwell Rock II Sealed $3.00
Various Meco Pop Goes To The Movies $5.00
Various Memphis Swamp Jam Blues $25.00
Various Midnight Hustle $5.00
Various Music To Help You Sleep $7.00
Various New York Beat, The Dance compilation $5.00
Various No Nukes $10.00
Various Oak Ridge Boys $7.00
Various On The March With Simplex feat. Drum Corps Music $5.00
Various Original Gold 3x vinyl $5.00
Various Remember How Great Jazz $5.00
Various Remember How Great…? Vol 2 $5.00
Various Rip Van Winkle $10.00
Various Sabicas: Festival Gitana Flamenco compilation $7.00
Various Secret Policeman’s Ball $10.00
Various Sesame Street $7.00
Various Starburst $7.00
Various Stars for a Summer $5.00
Various Steppin’ Out $7.00
Various Super Oldies Vol. 1 $7.00
Various Swiss Mountain Music $5.00
Various Test Record $5.00
Various The Best Of Chickenman Comedy $10.00
Various The Big Bands Jazz $5.00
Various The Big Bands Jazz $5.00
Various The Fabulous Bubblegum Years Kory Records compilation $5.00
Various The Golden Era Of Dixieland Jazz Jazz $5.00
Various The Golden Era Of Dixieland Jazz Jazz $5.00
Various The Great Band Era $10.00
Various The Hits Are On Verve Verve records compilation $5.00
Various The World Of Folk Music Folk $10.00
Various Today’s Pops! $5.00
Various Two Hour Shorthand Spoken word, instructional $10.00
Various Volunteer Jam $5.00
Various Young And Warm And Wonderful 60’s rock compilation $5.00
Various Honeymoon In Paris $5.00
Various The Best Of The Big Bands $5.00
Various The Best Of The Big Band Singers Jazz $5.00
Various Encyclopedia Of Jazz On Records Jazz $5.00
Various Polka Time $5.00
Various Music Of Poland World $10.00
Various Ram “Dancehall” Reggae $5.00
Various Sesame Street Exercise! $5.00
Various Your Musical Holiday In Havana $5.00
Various We Are The World $5.00
Various Music From The Roaring Twenties $5.00
Various Switched-On Bach $5.00
Various Battle Stereo $3.00
Official Music Of The XXIIIrd Olympiad
Various Promo Sampler $7.00
Various Windham Hill Records Sampler ’81 $5.00
Various Windham Hill Piano Sampler $5.00
Various Percussive Sound Of The Big Band $5.00
Various Seven Steps To Better Listening $5.00
Various The Motown Sound: Vol. 6 $7.00
Various The Motown Sound: Vol. 7 $12.00
Various The Sensational 60s $7.00
Various Today’s Love Hits-All Originals $5.00
Various High Voltage $5.00
Various 20 All-Time No. 1 Hits $5.00
Collector’s Records Of The 50’s And 60’s
Various Shining Stars Soft rock $5.00
Various Sounds Spectacular Rock, funk $5.00
Various Don Kirshner presents Fun Rock $5.00
Various Dynamic Sound Rock, funk $5.00
Various Great Million Sellers Vol 2 Jazz $10.00
Various Sound Express Sealed, rock $7.00
Various Sound Express Rock $5.00
Various Top Star Festival 20 Dynamic Hits Damaged sleeve $5.00
Various Emotions Sealed, rock $7.00
Various Emotions Rock $5.00
A Treasury Of Great Contemporary Hits
Various 22 Explosive Hits, Vol 2 $5.00
Various Gold & Platinum Volume Two $10.00
Various Solar Galaxy Of Stars Live $7.00
Various Pure Gold Collection (Volume One) $5.00
Various 12 Million Sellers Jazz $5.00
Various All The Hits By All The Stars $5.00
Various Wings Of Sound $5.00
Various Dimensions Soft rock $5.00
Collector’s Records Of The 50’s And 60’s
Various KGB Vol 2 21 Boss Goldens $7.00
Various Star Search The Winners Album Funk $5.00
Various 20 Chartstoppers Vol 1. $5.00
Various “The Most” Vol. II Jazz $7.00
Various 20 Grand Years Of Solid Gold Funk $5.00
Various A Very Good Year Columbia Musical Treasuries $5.00
Various After The Ball Morris, Joan & Bolcom, William $5.00
Various Cool ‘N Clear Funk $5.00
Various Galaxy Jazz $5.00
Various Hits Of The ’20s $5.00
Various Love Story And Other Romantic Themes Longines Symphonette Society $7.00
Various Reflections of Today $10.00
Various Rock On $5.00
Various The Fabulous 50s 2LP $5.00
Various The Headliners Jazz, world $5.00
Various The Headliners, Volume 2 Jazz, world $5.00
The Silver Years (Commemorating Capitol)
Various Zenith Presents Soft And Swinging Jazz $5.00
Various A Gershwin Holiday Jazz $15.00
Various World Star Festival Jazz $5.00
Various Polish Language Record Course Spoken word, mono, included booklet $10.00
Various The Best Of ’68 $5.00
Various The Great Vocalists Of The Big Band Era Jazz $5.00
Various Soundstage Spectacular Musical $10.00
Various The Best Of ’69 $5.00
Various You Too Can Be The Life Of The Party Disney, childrens $15.00
Various Diamonds By The Dozen Jazz $6.00
Various Strings Around The World Jazz $7.00
Various The Fabulous 50s 2LP $5.00
Various Starburst! Jazz, world $5.00
Various Holiday In France $5.00
Various Victory At Sea / Symphonic Suite Of Service Anthems Brass, military $5.00
Various Home for Christmas 3xLP Boxset $12.00
Various An Old Fashioned Christmas 6xLP Boxset $15
Various East of Suez $7
Various Ports of Call Classical $7
Vaughan, Sarah The Fabulous Sarah Vaughan Jazz $7.00
Vaughn, Billy Billy Vaughn Plays Jazz $5.00
Vaughn, Billy Billy Vaughn Plays The Million Sellers Jazz $5.00
Vaughn, Billy Music For The Golden Hours $5.00
Vaughn, Stevie and Double Trouble In Step $50.00
Ventures Walk Don’t Run $15.00
Ventures Guitar Genius Tested, no skips – plays well $5.00
Ventures In Space $12.00
Verde at La Scala Otella $5.00
Village People Go West $5.00
Village People Live & Sleazy 2LP $7.00
Village People Renaissance $5.00
Village Stompers, The More Sounds Of Washington Square Jazz $5.00
Vivaldi The Four Seasons Classical $7
Vivaldi Ensemble Tokyo The Beatles Medley $5.00
Voices of Walter Schumann Flirtation Walk Split sleeve, blues $5.00
Voices of Walter Schumann Scrapbook Blues $5.00
Vollenweider, Andreas Down To The Moon $5.00
Vollenweider, Andreas
Behind The Gardens – Behind the Wall – Under The Tree
Vuckovich, Larry Cast Your Fate Jazz $7.00
W.A.S.P. Live…Animal Rare Metal $50.00
Waite, John Ignition $5.00
Waite, John No Brakes $7.00
Wakeman, Rick Rhapsodies $5.00
Wakeman, Rick Rick Wakeman’s Crimnal Record $5.00
Wakeman, Rick The Six Wives of Henry VII German import $7.00
Walden, Narada Michael The Dance Of Life Disco $5.00
Walker & The Allstars Shotgun $15.00
Walker, David T Press On Promo $15.00
Walker, Jerry Jeff $7.00
Walker, JR Shotgun $15.00
Wall of Voodoo Dark Continent $15.00
Walsh, Joe The Confessor $10.00
Walsh, Joe But Seriously, Folk… $7.00
Walsh, Joe There Goes The Neighborhood $7.00
Walsh, Joe You Bought It- You Name it $7.00
Wang Chung Mosaic $7.00
War All Day Music $15.00
Ward, Clara Soul & Inspiration Jazz $7.00
Warner, Richard Quiet Heart New age $7.00
Warner, Richard Quiet Heart New Age $7.00
Warwick, Campbell, Bacharach On The Move Jazz $7.00
Warwick, Dionne Reservations For Two Jazz $5.00
Warwick, Dionne
How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye
Warwick, Dionne Love at First Sight $5.00
Warwick, Dionne Track of the Cat $5.00
Warwick, Dionne Dionne $5.00
Warwick, Dionne Valley of the Dolls $5.00
Waters, Muddy King Bee $25.00
Waters, Muddy Electric Mud $75.00
Watkins, Lovelace The Big, Big Voice Jazz $7.00
Watkins, Mitch Underneath It All $5.00
We Five You Were On My Mind $10.00
Weather Report Black Market Jazz $12.00
Weather Report Mysterious Traveller Jazz $7.00
Weavers The Weavers $10.00
Webster, Max Universal Juveniles $10.00
Weems, Ted Heartaches In Hi FI $5.00
Weisberg, Tim TWB $5.00
Weisberg, Tim Hurtwood Edge $5.00
Welch, Bob Three Hearts $5.00
Welch, Bob French Kiss $5.00
Welch, Bob The Other One $5.00
Welch, Lenny Since I Fell For You $12.00
Weller, Freddy Listen to the Young Folks $10.00
West, Leslie Mountain $7.00
Weston, Paul Dream Time Music Jazz $5.00
Wet Willie The Wetter The Better $5.00
Wet Willie Which One’s Willie? $5.00
Whipping Boy Muru Muru $20.00
White, Barry I’ve Got So Much to Give $7.00
White, Ruth 7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards Rare $60.00
Whitesnake $30.00
Whitman, Jerry Songs From Mr. Rogers Disney, sealed $5.00
Who Tommy $15.00
Who Who’s Next $10.00
Who The Kids Are Alright $20.00
Who Tommy MCA Re-issue $15.00
Who, The It’s Hard $7.00
Whodini Back in Black Hip Hop $5
Wild Bill Davis Live @ Count Basie’s Jazz $10.00
Wild Cherry Cover duct taped $7.00
Williams Jr., Hank Family Tradition $5.00
Williams, Andy Lonely Street $5.00
Williams, Andy Burn Free $5.00
Williams, Andy Love Story $5.00
Williams, Denice Song Bird White Label Promo $5.00
Williams, Deniece My Melody $5.00
Williams, Deniece Song Bird $5.00
WIlliams, Don You’re My Best Friend Country $10.00
Williams, Joe At Newport ’63 Jazz $7.00
Williams, John Close Encounters Of The Third Kind $7.00
Williams, Paul Just an Old Fashioned Love Song $5.00
Williams, Paul Just An Old Fashioned Love Song $5.00
Williams, Paul A Little On The Windy Side $5.00
Williams, Roger With These Hands Jazz $5.00
Williams, Roger Tonight! Roger Williams At Town Hall Jazz $7.00
Williams, Roger Roger! Jazz $5.00
Williams, Roger By Special Request-Vol.2 $5.00
Williams, Roger Songs of the Fabulous Fifties Jazz $5
Wilson, Nancy Keep You Satisfied $7.00
Wilson, Nancy Gentle Is My Love $10.00
Wilson, Nancy Godsend $10.00
Wilson, Robin $5.00
Wind In The Willows The Wind In The Willows Psych rock $30.00
Wings Red Rose Speedway $7.00
Wings Venus & Mars $10.00
Wings Wild Life $7.00
Wings Venus & Mars $7.00
Wings Greatest Hits $12.00
Wings At Speed Of Sound $7.00
Winter, Edgar Road Work $5.00
Winter, Edgar They Only Come Out At Night $7.00
Winter, Edgar White Trash $5.00
Winter, Johnny Live $5.00
Winter, Johnny Second Winter $10.00
Winter, Johnny Austin Texas $7.00
Winter, Johnny Johnny Winter $10.00
Winter, Johnny Still Alive and Well $7.00
Winter, Johnny $10.00
Winter, Johnny The Progressive Blues Experiment $15.00
Winter, Johnny And Live $7.00
Winter, Johnny First Winter $15.00
Winter, Johnny Second Winter $15.00
Winter, Johnny & Edgar Winter Together $7.00
Winterhalter, Hugo Hugo Goes…. Hawaiian World $7.00
Winterhalter, Hugo Goes… Continental Jazz $5.00
Wirtz, Marc Balloon $10.00
Wishbone Ash Wishbone Ash $12.00
Wishbone Ash $15.00
Wishbone Ash Live Dates $15.00
Wishbone Ash WISHBONE FOUR $5.00
Withers, Bill Naked & Warm $12.00
Wofford, Mike Scott Joplin: Interpretations Jazz $7.00
Wonder, Stevie In Square Circle $12.00
Wonder, Stevie Secret Life of Plant – Double Album 1st Braille Version $10.00
Wonder, Stevie Secret Life of Plant – Double Album 1st Braille Version $10.00
Wonder, Stevie Secret Life of Plants $7.00
Wonder, Stevie Talking Book No braille on cover $12.00
Wonder, Stevie Hotter Than July $7.00
Wood, Del Are You From Dixieland? Jazz $7.00
Woody’s Truck Stop Psych rock $12.00
Worth, Stan The Worth Is Yet To Come Jazz $5.00
Wright, Gary The Light of Smiles $5.00
Wright, George Plays The Chicago Theatre Organ Instrumental $7.00
Wynette, Tammy The First Lady $5.00
Wynette, Tammy Higher Ground Country $15.00
X Ain’t Love Grand $15.00
Yamashta, Stomu GO Jazz $7.00
Yankovic, Frankie Who Stole The Keeshka? Polka $5.00
Yarbrough, Glenn Hungry I Ballad? $5.00
Yardbrough & Peoples The Two of Us Disco $5.00
Yes 90125 $20.00
Yes Drama $7.00
Yes Fragile $35.00
Yes Going For The One $10.00
Yes Going For The One $10.00
Yes Relayer $7.00
Yes Relayer SD181220698 $10.00
Yes Shows $12.00
Yes Songs $10.00
Yes Tormato $7.00
Yes Yes Songs German import, 3x vinyl $15.00
Yes Yesterdays $7.00
Yes Going For The One $10.00
Yes Relayer $7.00
Young Rascals Collections $5.00
Young, Faron All Great Hits $5.00
Young, Faron This Is Faron $5.00
Young, Jesse Colin On The Road $5.00
Young, John Paul Love Is In the Air $5.00
Young, John Paul The Secret of Association $5.00
Young, Neil Hawks & Doves $7.00
Youngbloods Best Of $10.00
Youngbloods Rock Festival $7.00
Youngbloods Elephant Mountain $7.00
Zappa, Frank Orchestral Favorites $20.00
Zappa, Frank Sleep Dirt $40.00
Zappa, Frank Lumpy Gravy $25.00
Zechs Marquise Getting Oaid $30.00
Zentner, Si More $7.00
Zephyr $10.00
Zoogz Rift Torment $5.00
Zwol Zwol $5.00
ZZ Top Best of $15.00
ZZ Top El Loco $15.00
ZZ Top Rio Grande Mud $25.00